First Great Awakening and Mercantilism First Great Awakening

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First Great Awakening and Mercantilism

  1. First Great Awakening

    1. What does it promote?

      1. Free will and becoming involved with your church

    2. What is the effect on the people?

      1. They start going to church and being involved in their religions

  2. People

    1. What does John Locke people all people have?

      1. Right to life liberty and property

    2. What does Charles de Montesquieu think government should look like?

      1. It should have three branches that all have separate but equal powers

    3. What does William Blackstone believe?

      1. Everyone has rights even to property and the king cannot take them away

  3. Mercantilism

    1. What is the parent country?

      1. The country that colonizes the colony (England was the parent country for the 13 colonies)

    2. Can the colonies trade with any country they want?

      1. No, only their parent country

    3. How does mercantilism work?

  1. Triangle Trade

    1. What set of laws enforce this?

      1. Navigation acts- prevents colonists from trading with other countries

    2. Who can trade with the English Colonies?

      1. Only England- their mother country

  2. Slave Trade

    1. Where did the slaves come from?

      1. Africa

    2. Why were they being brought here?

      1. To work on cash crop farms (Cotton, indigo, Tobacco)

    3. What regions had the most slaves?

      1. Middle and Southern

  3. Chart

    1. Draw the triangular trade chart below.

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