Final Projects-Group Presentations General Requirements

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Final Projects-Group Presentations

General Requirements:

  • Groups may consist of 1-5 students in the same class period.

  • Projects will be presented during the final exam period.

  • Presentations may be a maximum of 15 minutes and all group members must present a roughly equal portion of the project.

  • Students who are unable to attend the presentation/present in class on the final exam day must complete an individual final project to receive credit.

  • All presentations should include a visual component. You may use Power Point, but may not read to the class from it. Groups are responsible for making sure all components of their project can be presented to the class.

  • Project topics must be preapproved by Mr. Hulse, unapproved project topics may not be presented for credit.

  • Projects that include offensive/inappropriate material will be ended immediately and participants will receive a zero for the assignment.

Groups may present one the following three project types:

Option #1—Current Events Presentation

Pick an important world issue that your group feels deserves more attention. Topics must be approved by Mr. Hulse.

Present the following components in an interesting and informative manner:

Please note: If you bore the class into a sense of apathy about your issue or make a mockery of your topic, you will likely lose significant points on this assignment.

Option #2—Musical Genre Presentation

Select a genre or subgenre of music that your group feels is musically significant enough to present to the class. Do not choose anything too broad (i.e. rock n’ roll) instead focus on a specific genre in a specific region or time period.

Present the following components in an interesting and informative manner:

  • Definition and key characteristics of the genre you’ve chosen to present

  • Historical background/social context of the genre & Major musical influences that shaped the genre

  • Major figures of the genre/relevant background of those major figures

  • Examples of how that genre impacted other musicians

  • Examples that are typical/influential from the period

  • Play several short examples from the genre (short edited clips)

All musical content must be edited for length and content and be classroom appropriate. Examples should include written lyrics when appropriate.

Option #3—Conspiracy Theory Presentation

Select a historic or modern conspiracy theory that your group feels is interesting and appropriate to present to the class. If you choose a major conspiracy theory focus on one specific element of the theory or one possible explanation.

All conspiracy theories must receive preapproval prior to researching the theory. Please be careful where you choose to research these theories because many conspiracy theorists make no attempt to present any kind of balance in their work.

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