Final Project Thursday this week, bring in your atlases

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Final Project
Thursday this week, bring in your atlases.

Next Tuesday, we’ll be going to the library to learn about research resources.

For your final project, you will do a library research report:
Find a place on the globe that you find attractive and for which you can identify an explorer (early or recent) who did something interesting there.

Explain the landscapes of the place, in terms of climate, settlement, biological communities, and any other relevant characteristics that give a sense of the place

Explain why your explorer went there, what this person accomplished, and WHY it was important. (Reasons for importance can vary considerably.)
the general structure of the paper will be approximately this:

1. introduce the place, the explorer, and why I should be interested in reading about the person’s accomplishments

2. details about the place

3. details about the person’s accomplishments

4. details about why the accomplishments are interesting, to whom, the context that makes this work important

5. summary recapitulating above points.

Your paper will be 6-8 pages long. Since you have plenty of time to work, and the paper is not too long, I expect this to be a very tight, well written, well cited academic paper. Throughout the text, you will use standard author, date citations for all your information. You’ll get to see examples of this format in the next couple of weeks. You will append a list of References Cited to the end of your paper. This list will include all cited sources, in proper citation format, and it will not contain anything you didn’t cite in the text.
This will be a library-intensive research project. I want to see that you’ve made as much use as possible of print materials in the library. This means that you should investigate the following:
books about and by your person

academic journals (use electronic journal indexes)

popular magazines (contemporary with your explorer)

newspapers or newspaper archives

Barbara Durniak ( is our Geography liason and your personal reference librarian. You can certainly talk with any librarians, but Barbara knows about our project and has thought about resources that might be useful for you. Talk to her. Make appointments with her. Let her know how you’re doing.
You may use web resources if they’re reliable academic or research-oriented sources. Encyclopedia Britannica Online is not an acceptable resource for this project, because I want to see that you’re digging a lot deeper than that. Check with me or Barbara if you’re not sure if your source counts. No more than 1/4 of your sources can be internet sources.

You will be graded on according to the following

how well were the questions answered?

how well did you use the library?

how well did you use the library resources?

how thoughtful is the paper, how well did you engage with the material?

is the paper well structured, completely grammatical, and all the other niceties of a good paper?

is all citation correctly done?

In addition to handing in a written paper, I’d like you to briefly tell the class about your subject. They’re all interesting stories, and we’d like to hear something about them. You won’t be graded on the presentation, I’d just like to hear you explain what you’re learning.

For general interest and research tips, you might check this site:

A short list of potential explorers:
John Franklin (Northwest Passage)

Martin Frobisher (NW Passage)

Robert F. Scott (South pole)

Matthew Henson (North pole)

Peter Freuchen (Greenland eskimo)

John Muir (California, Yosemite, Alaska)

Hernando DeSoto (New Spain)

Hernando Cortez (New Spain)

Alexandra David-Neel (Tibet)

Mary Kingsley (Africa)

Joseph Nicollet (Mississippi River)

Lewis or Clark (Missouri River)

Mary Kingsley (West Africa)

Roald Amundsen (Arctic and Antarctic)

Fridtjof Nansen (Arctic)

Henry Hudson (Northwest passage and Hudson R.)

Another individual of your choice (check with me)
Left over from last time, not yet revised:

Dates you should write down in your calendar:

11-6 or 11-11 Select a place and person

11-25 hand in 2-4 paragraphs describing why your person and place are interesting; also hand in a list of at least 20 items in print about your person. All items must be available in our library. This list is worth 10 points (as much as a paper). Your list should include at least 2-4 journal or newspaper items. You’ll have to work with the librarians to produce this list.

12-5 hand in a draft of your paper for 5 points. I’ll be paying attention mainly to proper citation here.

12-5 6 presentations of your explorers

12-10 6 presentations of your explorers

Finals week (we’ll discuss the date) hand in papers

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