Film ‘Audacity’ by Ray Comfort Available for Early Download June 24 Bold Film Says Christians Should Not Be Silent About Homosexuality dallas, June 11, 2015

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Film ‘Audacity’ by Ray Comfort Available for Early Download June 24

Bold Film Says Christians Should Not Be Silent About Homosexuality

DALLAS, June 11, 2015 – Addressing what is the most culturally-divisive issue of the day – even among Christians – Living Waters Publications will release its newest film, “Audacity,” online June 24 along with bonus features and special materials.
Starring Travis Owens (“Friday Night Lights”), Molly Ritter (“Atrophy,” “Madison”), and Ben Price (“Australia’s Got Talent”), “Audacity” explores the conflict between Christians and homosexuality using both a thought-provoking plot and real and unscripted street interviews conducted by Ray Comfort.
“Audacity” follows the struggle of Peter (Travis Owens) as he is confronted with the tension between the cultural acceptance of homosexuality and what the Bible says is true. While trying to live out his Christian beliefs, he finds that there are a lot of uncomfortable questions he has to answer. But acting out of love for his friends and even strangers, Peter is able to live out the values of the Bible and show others the courage it takes to follow the Bible when its teachings are not popular. Viewers will find “Audacity” to be culturally relevant but boldly sticking to its Biblical principles.
“A non-Christian recently questioned how any Christian could possibly stay true to the Bible and not be ‘homophobic,’” Comfort said. “After working on ‘Audacity’ for more than a year, I think we have (by the grace of God) done precisely that.”
Comfort continued with this story: “I invited an outspoken atheist friend to a prescreening and without any provocation, he said, ‘Unlike most Christian films it is far from cheesy, and has a great, well-acted script. Most of all it is not heavy-handed, showing the Christian position on homosexuality without being intimidating or angry. Well done!’”
The filmmakers have also been encouraged to win two awards and to have “Audacity” enthusiastically commended by men such as Alex Kendrick (‘Fireproof') and Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis).
“I think this movie is going to dumbfound a skeptical world by showing how uncompromising Christianity can indeed demonstrate uncompromising love,” Comfort concluded.
“Audacity” is the fifth film produced by Living Waters Publications, a biblical evangelism media company led by Founder and CEO Ray Comfort. It will release through the film’s website at
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