Ferdinand Magellan By Cade Reisenauer

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Ferdinand Magellan

By Cade Reisenauer

Ferdinand Magellan was born in Oporto, Portugal on 1480. Fernao de Magalhaes is his Portuguese name. Ferdinand was the son of noble men. He was a page in the court of the king. Christopher Columbus inspired Ferdinand Magellan when he sailed. He was curious like most people. Ferdinand was also inspired by Vasco de gamma when he set up a voyage for him. When he got older he asked the king of Portugal to sponsor him he said no. Then he finally got someone to agree. It was Spain.

Ferdinand Magellan explored the Magellan straits and sailed around the world. Proving that the world was round. Ferdinand Magellan wanted to sail around the world he succeeded. On 1521 Magellan was involved in a fight on the island of Mactan. He was left on the island where he died.

The exploration was significant because he sailed around the world making it easier to get where they wanted. He also discovered the Magellan straits. The Magellan straits are at the tip of South America. Magellan sailed from Cebu to Mactan. Juan Sebastian del Cano one of Magellan’s sailors leads the crew. One of Magellan’s ships sank. The Victoria was the only remander of the fleet.

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