Federalists/Anti-Federalists Group Discussion Questions

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Federalists/Anti-Federalists Group Discussion Questions

Answer each question in a complete sentence on your own paper.

  1. What were the Federalist Papers? A series of 85 essays

  2. Who were they written by? Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, & James Madison

  3. Where did these papers appear? New York newspapers

  4. What was the purpose of these papers? To convince New York delegates to ratify the Constitution.

  5. How did Hamilton, Jay & Madison address the fears that the Constitution would give too much power to the federal government? They analyzed the Constitution and pointed out that the built in checks & balances divided the power between the three branches of government & protected the rights of the states & the people.

  6. How can we use the Federalists papers today? These papers give us insight about the intentions of the people who wrote the Constitution because two of the writers attended the Constitutional Convention (Hamilton & Madison)

  7. What was the main thing that Anti-Federalists believed should be added to the Constitution? Bill of Rights

  8. Why did the Federalists disagree with this? They were afraid that if a list of rights were added, that some things might be left off. They believed it was impossible to list all the rights people should have.

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