Federalists Democratic-Republicans Leader: Leader: Government: Constitution: Economy: Economy: Supporters were

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Remediation Unit 4
Summarize the different views of the Federalist Party and Democratic-Republican Party by completing the following:

Federalists Democratic-Republicans
Leader: Leader:
Government: Government:

Constitution: Constitution:

Economy: Economy:

Supporters were: Supporters were:

Answer the following questions in the space.

What did the Judiciary Act of 1789 accomplish? _____________________________________________________________________________________
How was the Whiskey rebellion a victory for the federal government? ____________________________


What did President George Washington warn against in his Farewell Address? _____________________


Fill in the correct information for the following events.
Pinckney’s Treaty

Countries involved:

Reasons for:
Jay’s Treaty

Countries involved:

Reasons for:

XYZ Affair

Countries involved:

Reasons for:
Answer the following question in the space provided.
Why did the Federalist Party pass the Alien and Sedition Acts? __________________________________


Why Virginia and Kentucky believe they could nullify the Alien and sedition Acts? __________________


Why was the presidential election of 1800 known as the “Bloodless revolution” _____________________


How did it lead to the establishment of the 12th Amendment? ___________________________________


Why is Marbury v Madison considered one of the most significant Supreme Court decisions? __________


Why was Jefferson interested in obtaining the Louisiana Territory from France? _____________________

____________________________________________ How did the purchase conflict with his principles?

What did Lewis and Clark accomplish? _____________________________________________________


Complete the following.

War of 1812
Causes Events Aftermath

Multiple Choice – Circle the correct answer for the following questions.

1. Which of the following statements about Alexander Hamilton is not true?

A. Hamilton’s strongest supporters were farmers, merchants, and everyday working people.

B. Hamilton’s ideas were most popular among wealthy, well-educated, and urban elites.

C. Hamilton supported the National Bank.

D. Hamilton supported an economy based upon manufacturing and shipping.

2. What did the federal government’s response to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 demonstrate?

A. The evils of alcoholic beverages.

B. The need for farmers to grow other crops besides corn.

C. The ability of a strong central to maintain order within the bounds of the constitution.

D. The violent nature of life in American cities.

3. Which of the following groups was allowed to vote in the Federalist Period?

A. African Americans

B. American Indians

C. Women

D. White male property owners
4. During George Washington’s presidency, what was the major reason for conflict between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton?

A. Washington’s decision not to seek a third term

B. The distribution of power between the judicial branch and the legislative branch

C. The U.S. government’s decision to remain neutral in the war between France and Britain

D. Hamilton’s objection to Jefferson’s strict interpretation of the Constitution
5. Which statement best explains the lack of political participation by American Indians in the United States

during the Federalist period?

A. American Indians did not believe they were affected by U.S. government decisions.

B. American Indians were denied U.S. citizenship.

C. American Indians refused to vote because of different views on land ownership.

D. American Indians did not support the United States’ desire to expand west of the Mississippi

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