Fathers of Confederation

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Fathers of Confederation

  • Which Father of Confederation was the oldest and what year was he born?

  • Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada?

  • How many of the 14 delegates were from Nova Scotia?

  • Who was also a poet and journalist?

  • Who died before Confederation?

  • Who was known for defending the rights of religious minorities?

  • Who later became a Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia?

  • Who also served as Premier of Nova Scotia?

  • Who changed his mind about Confederation?

  • Who believed strongly in representation proportional to the population (2 answers)?

  • Who reportedly suggested the term “Dominion” of Canada?

  • Who was the last surviving Father and when did he die?

  • How many of the 14 attended all three conferences?

  • Which three Fathers had a background in law?

  • Which Fathers were NOT at the Charlottetown Conference?

  • Which two Fathers were involved in medical-related fields before their political careers?

  • Name the 5 provinces represented at the Conferences.

  • Who lost an election because of his support for Confederation?


  • Who is on the $5 bill?

  • What does the A in Sir John A MacDonald stand for?

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