Fathers of confederation

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Students become familiar with a Father of Confederation and share their expertise.


  1. Watch video(s) on Fathers of Confederation from National Film Board, Teacher-tube, etc. There are a lot of resources to choose from.

  2. Students pick a Father of Confederation from the list. Everyone has a number and I roll a 30-sided dice. When a student’s number is called, then he/she chooses.

  3. Begin researching the Father on the web.

  4. Fill in an information sheet on the Father.

  5. On Google Docs, come up with 20 facts about that Father.

  6. Share with teacher and 3 other students to collaborate and edit.


  1. Students take the information that they have collected :

  1. Make a speech as that Father of Confederation as to whether or not he believes that his province should join Confederation. They have to make an accompanying poster . The speech should be posted on the class wiki.

  2. Students build a Presentation about that Father ‘s life and his contributions to Confederation.


  1. Students are videoed giving their speeches with the poster in plain view. The entire class watches the final product. They are encouraged to dress up as their Father.

  2. Students share presentations on Google Docs and then look at each other’s.

  3. All students are given an evaluation form in which they evaluate other’s presentations and are required to give feedback.

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