Fathers of Confederation – Facebook Assignment

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Fathers of Confederation – Facebook Assignment
By now you know a little bit about the Fathers of Confederation.

  1. They wanted to unite the Britisth Colonies into an independent country

  2. WHY they wanted to unite the colonies

  3. They could grow some awesome sideburns

You have done some detailed research about Confederation and the contributions individuals had in the creation of Canada.

I know what you are thinking. You wish you could be Facebook friends with them.
This assignment will get you as close to that as possible. You are to create a Facebook profile for one of the Father of Confederation.
This profile SHOULD NOT BE a newly created online profile, as this violates Facebook’s user agreement. It can just be an artistic project on bristol board that looks like a profile.
Here are the sections you MUST have in your Facebook Profile.
Page 1

  • Name, Profile Pic – Status

  • Wall with RELEVANT conversations with OTHER important figures in confederation. There should be NO joke comments. The conversations can be about their political viewpoints, them discussing why the factors (ex. Railway, mainfest destiny, Fenian Raids) that lead to confederatoin are making them want to do it now, etc. Additional research MAY BE NECESSARY.

  • Information box – Peronsal description including: Birthdate, Current City, etc.

  • Friends box – shows 6 of their friends.

Page 2

  • Personal Information

    • Favourite Activities, Interests, Quotes, Books, Music, etc (LOOK AT THE INFO PAGE on a profile)

    • Education and Work

      • Try and find where they were to school/year they graduated

      • Try and find out all the jobs they had


    • Groups – What groups would he want to be a part of (eg. “If 1 000 000 people joined this group I will unite the British Colonies”) – be creative

Note: You may work on your own or in partners. Also remember that when working in partners the work should reflect the input of two people and the same mark will be shared by both partners.

List of Fathers of Confederation to select from:

  1. Archibald, Sir Adams George Nova Scotia

  2. Brown, George Ontario

  3. Campbell, Sir Alexander Ontario

  4. Cartier, Sir F.T.B. Newfoundland

  5. Cartier, Sir George-Étienne Quebec

  6. Chandler, Edward Barron New Brunswick

  7. Chapais, Jean-Charles Quebec

  8. Cockburn, James Ontario

  9. Coles, George Prince Edward Island

  10. Dickey, Robert Barry Nova Scotia

  11. Fisher, Charles New Brunswick

  12. Galt, Sir Alexander Tilloch Quebec

  13. Gray, John Hamilton New Brunswick

  14. Gray, John Hamilton Prince Edward Island

  15. Haviland, Thomas Heath Prince Edward Island

  16. Henry, William Alexander Nova Scotia

  17. Howland, William Pierce Ontario

  18. Johnson, John Mercer New Brunswick

  19. Langevin, Sir Hector-Louis Quebec

  20. Macdonald, Andrew Archibald Prince Edward Island

  21. Macdonald, Sir John A. Ontario

  22. McCully, Johnathan Nova Scotia

  23. McDougall, William Manitoba

  24. McGee, Thomas D’Arcy Quebec

  25. Mitchell, Peter New Brunswick

  26. Mowat, Sir Oliver Ontario

  27. Palmer, Edward Prince Edward Island

  28. Pope, William Henry Prince Edward Island

  29. Ritchie, John William Nova Scotia

  30. Shea, Sir Ambrose Newfoundland

  31. Steeves, William Henry New Brunswick

  32. Taché, Sir Étienne-Paschal Quebec

  33. Tilley, Sir Samuel Leonard New Brunswick

  34. Tupper, Sir Charles Nova Scotia

  35. Whelan, Edward Prince Edward Island

  36. Wilmot, Robert Duncan New Brunswick

Facebook Profile Rubric

Expert: Demonstrates insightful understanding of their chosen Father of Confederation and connects it to the modern Facebook category. Demonstrates higher-level thinking and/or goes above and beyond in design, formatting, creativity, and quality of information.
Practitioner: Demonstrates appropriate understanding of their chosen Father of Confederation and successfully connects it to the modern Facebook category.
Apprentice: Demonstrates basic understanding of their chosen Father of Confederation and attempts to connect it to the modern Facebook category.
Novice: Demonstrates minimal understanding of the their chosen Father of Confederation and unsuccessfully attempts to connect to the modern Facebook category.

Facebook Category


(6 pts.)


(4 pts.)


(2 pts.)


(1 pt.)

Personal Description







Facebook Category


(1 pt.)

Not Included

(0 pts.)

Profile Picture



TOTAL: ______/45

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