Fast-leveling is fast gold making

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WOW Gold Grubbing

There are many methods for making money in the World of Warcraft. Begging in Trade chat is highly discouraged. Buying gold from businesses with real money is banned by Blizzard. Therefore . . . you really must learn to earn.

The very first BASIC of gold grubbing is leveling and multi-tooning. LEVELING IS GOLD-MAKING. FAST-LEVELING is FAST GOLD MAKING. Therefore, BOA gear is an essential. Why?

1. Higher Levels = More Gold

2. Leveling Earns Gold

3. Multiple Characters = Multiple Professions = More Gold

The most basic method of earning gold is questing, leveling and vendoring unneeded equipment as well as outdated equipment. Collecting gear in instances and disposing of it in the auction house or with a vendor is merely a variation on the theme. Each quest completed usually yields gold. Once you get to maximum level, all quests yield gold and no experience, meaning you gain gold much faster from questing.

The second basic method is farming professions. The idea is simple. You wander about either aimlessly or on a higher yield path collecting ores and gems, herbs or animal skins. You then, sell said harvested items for as much as you can possibly get for them in the auction house (AH) or in trade chat.

There is a minor secret to putting TWO gathering professions on one toon and TWO crafts on another toon . . . GATHERER glove enchants on the supplier toon means faster gathering on both gathering professions while the crafts toon gets exclusive boosts from BOTH professions and can use a combat glove enchantment to become much more efficient in instances/raiding &/or PVP.

Each profession has special gifts it yields for the character that maximizes it. Engineers get to tinker with their gloves, belts and cloaks. Enchanters may enchant their rings. Scribes get inscriptions to apply to their own shoulder pieces, superior to those they may sell. Leatherworkers get special armor boosts they may only use on their own person while tailors get embroidery that accomplishes a similar feat. Jewelers get special gems and blacksmiths get two additional sockets to add customizing gems. For this reason, I advise doubling professions on your preferred raider and PVP toons, carefully selecting their professions for the benefits they bring to the primary class and role you wish for them. (Ex. everybody needs armor boosts, but cloth-wearing classes cannot use many of the BOP LW recipes, so they are not usually the best choice for a leatherworker).

Next are the craft professions, tailoring requires only cloth harvested from humanoid mobs as you level to make garments some of which can bring nice sums in the AH. It tends to require about 6 toons to feed cloth to one tailor during initial leveling without a lot of deliberate farming. Tailoring does not require a farming profession per se, but skinning is useful for footwear. The profession requires massive amounts of cloth and a fair amount of elemental materials to level and to produce the upper 200 levels of recipes.

Alchemy requires herb farming. It is sometimes profitable before high level, but often very profitable at high levels. Inscription also requires herbs but can be profitable at earlier levels. The trouble with inscription is the immense amount of different items you must maintain in stock and the large time you must invest listing and re-listing glyphs for sale in the auction house. It can be very lucrative -if you have an hour per day to invest solely in gold making.

Blacksmithing, gem-crafting and engineering all require the products of mining. Gem crafters are hard to level but well paid at high level, IF they have the right patterns. Engineers tend not to make a huge income on most servers, but they make fun toys and can be very fun for PVP in the L60-L79 range. Smiths very widely in popularity and money making potential from server to server. Generally, smiths make solid gold from plate armor and especially from weaponry.

Leatherworking is the only primary profession that draws the bulk of its materials from the skinning profession. Skinners may gain many meats for cooking and for selling to others to do the same while they colect the needed leathers and hides for the leatherworking profession.

The secondary professions can also be profitable. First Aid is generally not a gold-maker, BUT should definitely be leveled to L75+ just to get the Darkmoon Faire quest access. The amount of experience and coin increases with each successive level.

In the Barrens, you may farm Deviate Fish.. Well these fish buff you! And if you have the recipe, when you cook them, they transform you to something like a pirate/goblin. In some servers a stack of uncooked deviate fish might cost 30 gold. The cooked Deviate Fish might pull anywhere from 10g-125g, depending upon the server.

If you have the recipe, try once buying the raw ones, cooking them and selling them. Best way getting them is at the Oasis near Wailling Caverns, because the lake is big, and there are 2! And you might also drop a drink that gives you 5 stamina, that are quite fun with low lvls. This is do-able with lvls 12+ (You got to defend yourself from the mobs ^^). I think you need 50 or 75 fishing.

When your skill is high enough fishing can be a FAST money maker. Check the price on Golden Darter, Furious Crawdad or Primal Water. There is a section in Nagrand called the Elemental Plateau (reachable only with flying mount), where there are six spawn points of ‘Pure Water’. When you fish, you can get 3-6 Motes of Water from each. I’ve gotten over 2 Primal Waters (20 motes) in under 10 minutes. That’s decent gold/hour rate. Unfortunately the respawn rate on the pools is slow…but you can farm and then fish, and get fast motes.

You can also get someone to let you into Zul’Aman (someone who is saved invites you to group, you zone in, then drop group), where you can fish up some of the hot new fish that are used in the new recipes.

PVP farming

Few people think of PVP as a method of wealth gathering, but it can be. All you must do is get into melee/casting range, wait for enemies to fall dead, then rush to the fallen forms and collect the loot. Most of the time it is pocket change, but there are three Darkmoon items that drop on Battlegrounds. Two sell for around 150g while the third may go for 500 or more when the Faire is NOT active. When green robe mages are in town, these prices rapidly skyrocket.

Playing the Auction House is the FASTEST WAY for a low level toon to make money. How do you play the auction house? Put simply, it is the principle: BUY LOW, SELL HIGH. Some markets are easier to corner due to the limited number of people involved in them. Certain high value gems are so rare that the markets may be easily cornered. Alchemy raider flasks and components like Truegold are often easy to corner as are the more rare metal spawns like silver or elementium. Low level uncut gems are sometimes a strong moneymaker, more so then cut gems that require JC level 300-400. Spellthreads for legs, leather armor boosts and weapon enchantments are also common profession items that may be cornered. Strong returns may be made by buying and selling these items around the server's normal raid times. The key is to find out when the large raider guilds raid and list things for them to buy before and after.

A key to playing the auction house is the patches. Every time new heirlooms come out, new heirloom enchantments are desired. Grabbing underpriced enchantment scrolls and relisting them can bring profits, but be careful with that because you might also end up with a large supply of outdated enchantments if you are stockpiling the higher end enchantments.

One of my personal favorite things to buy up is low priced reputation items that people loot in dungeons and do not seem to know what to do with, so they dump them in the auction house in small or even large batches. Fel armaments, and marks of sargeras are examples of these. You may relist a few for many times your purchase price to try and recoup your gold, but should retain the items for your own reputation farming later (my recommendation) because time not spent grinding for reputation is time you may spend earning gold and having more fun. :)

Pet Trading: Pet trading used to be much easier to profit from at low levels than it is now.

Vendor-bought pets used to go for 6-50x their purchase price with an average of 2-5 listing attempts per pet. Now, the prices have fallen off by 30-90%, especially with the cross-faction pets, and the number of listings per sale also seems to have increased. Since Blizzard has kept the AH listing fees low, it can still be a viable source of income, but it takes time and patience for not much reward.

Rare pets from instances and from archaeology have taken major hits on Trollbane, but remain profitable on some other servers like Aerie Peak. Players active on multiple servers may profit buy buying low on one server and selling high on another. This is also just about the only way to move gold between servers without paying real dollars. Sometimes rare pets moved between the alliance side and the horde side of a single server can provide great opportunities for profit. Watch and learn what is normal for each pet. Auctioneer, Auctionator and similar addons that remember average prices for you are very helpful for this and help avoid confusion.

Blizzard store bought pets are a legal way to change real dollars into WOW gold. The best way to sell them would probably be the BMAH, but the trade channel and the regular auction house over a weekend are also good options. Blizzard's trading card game offer's a variation on that theme where you spend a potential massive amount of real dollars gambling in the hopes that you will get one or more rare items for the digital game. Pets are one key item to sell for gold. if you are going to invest that kind of money, you should probably SELL the pet, not keep it.

Lastly, there are the new crafted pets. Engineers may make Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling at 525 skill. Two non-fighting pets are crafted by scribes, Yu’lon Kite & Chi-ji Kite, while the Jade Owl & Sapphire Cub fighting pets are crafted by jewelers. For information on these, look on and other profession sites.

Recipe Trading: This is a small, but consistent money maker that requires patience and relies on the laziness of others. People who have large gold stores and little patience might prefer to dish out 5-25 gold for recipes you buy at 20s to 2g, especially if the recipes come from remote locations. Learn where recipes come from using Every profession, from cooking, to leatherworking to blacksmithing to enchanting has a long, long, long list of hundreds of recipes that may be located all over the wow-world.

That said, SOME recipes make HUGE amounts of gold. Cross-faction recipe trading often creates vast amounts of gold for you, but requires either two accounts, or a trading partner since you cannot buy your own auctions

A special option exists in recipe trading, the trading of BOE recipes from instances and from quests. A few recipes float about that are no longer obtainable. Extinct recipes are now sold for what is probably too little for the long run.

Instance Farming

Many items may ONLY be found in instances. Many recipes are BOP, but many items needed for those recipes are not and some recipes are BOE. Gold Grubbers may make gold from the BOE recipes rarely, but may farm items to make regular gold from the items neededd for recipes.

One of the most common instances to farm is the Black Temple. While many people know the Black Temple as a source of Transmog Gear and the legendary glaives (The Twin Blades of Azzinoth), it is also a source of recipes for the blacksmithing (8), leatherworking (16) and tailoring (9) crafts, and for some required rare crafting items. Heart of Darkness is a reagent for many blacksmithing, leatherworking, and tailoring recipes found in the Black Temple. This item drops from trash mobs in the raid instances Black Temple and Hyjal Summit. Levelling crafters as well as those who wish to make gold from selling epic level 60 and 70 gear (HOPEFULLY YOU!!!) in the auction house both need these items.

Note: Black Temple is a 25-person raid dungeon located in Shadowmoon Valley, Outland. The first boss in there is NO JOKE and requires at least two blue-geared level 90 toons to drop in order to get a single level 70-75 toon past.

Crafting Material Farming: There are many materials needed for crafting professions. Some are needed for epic level recipes. Some are needed to level professions. Others are needed at top level professions. Learning professions by leveling them yourself is the best way to learn what is most needed on your server and in your professions.

ELEMENTALS: A good bet is collecting motes and crystals, primals and eternals, trying to corner the market in your server, thereby also controlling some of the transmutation market on your server. While farmers will farm their own and guild farmers will farm for their guilds, farmers and accidental farmers that dump onto the auction house will not be feedign the desparate. They will be playing into your hand, allowing you to RESELL to the desparate. Then you may wisely also decide to farm them for yourself as well. Keep the supplies to keep the profits constant, but trickle them out slowly, daily or near-daily, but at high prices to maximize your fair profit potential from those who do not have the time or the know-how to farm their own. Does this work? Well, you cannot level engineering or leatherworking without these materials, and they are also needed for tailoring.

Volatiles were incredibly important prior to MOP. Since MOP, they still hold great value, especially volatile air. Volatiles are used primarily by tailors for creating dreamcloth, but also for
various professions leveling to MOP patterns.
There never seems to be enough volatiles, primals and eternals. Keep enough for your own crafting before you sell out for gold.

One important note . . . engineers are not usually good money makers, BUT when it comes to farming primals and eternals, ENGINEERS RULE thanks to the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor.

For further information on this and other topics refer to:,,, and

METALS: Since MOP came out, the prior wisdom of prospecting ores to gain greater gold from the gems is no longer true. You now gain greater gold from the metals in many cases, but not all of them. Prospect the low-priced ores, such as tin, to gain gems for sale. Copper, iron, fel iron, silver, mithril, ghost iron, kyparite and trillium are guaranteed sellers. Thorium and others might make a profit as well. Dark iron really does not make a profit since it is hard to work, few people have the smelting recipe, recipes calling for bars require a lot of bars and you must farm instances to collect the ore. The only real plus to dark iron is that it might be really cheap or free if you seek it long enough. (Well actually there is one more plus, the first time you figure out how to smelt the stuff and get some of it smelted and then actually make something with it . . .you will have made an accomplishment to remember).

Limited Vendor Items Trading

There are some vendor items other than recipes that people might want. Low level green gear, low level enchanting and engineering materials, salt, flour and other inexpensive items can provide small amounts of coinage for poorly funded gold hoarders. Higher end items may be bought from vendors, but should never be bought by a toon in that is not in a high level guild, one with a VENDOR DISCOUNT. The engineer chopper costs 12,500 gold in vendor parts alone. A ten percent savings is 1250 gold of parts bought for nothing. The 40,000 gold for the goblin and gnome engineer MOP mounts allow for 4000 gold of savings.

Mogset Trading: The practice of making a set of gear look like another set of gear is called transmogrification. Usually Moggers are often high level players with significant gold piles that might not wish to farm low level mobs much. Therein lies the opportunity. The green and blue BOE items you find in instances level 40-80 are often in demand. It is up to each individual player to learn what transmog items are desired by their faction.

One key subset of mogset trading is using Darkmoon Faire tickets during the monthly faire to buy replica gear. Sometimes that can sell for amazing sums of money, especially if a person who thinks you have to grind the games over and over again to get the tickets (only) is willing to hire your toon out in advance. I happen to know a druid named Irenagolden that took that job once. :)

Low-Price Item Destruction:

If you only have a few silver, buying and reselling can be difficult. So here’s what you do: after the week of scanning to build up market data, use the Enchantrix addon to scan for items that Disenchant into materials more valuable than what the item is selling for! Look under the Tools category for Enchantrix, where I explain how to do this. But since I’ve discovered the functions of that addon, I’ve been buying things for 6-10s and DEing them into dust/essences/shards that sell for 25-95s. Turning 10s into 50s is a neat little trick! Do it a few times and you’ll have enough gold to start bidding on other items in the AH! This is absolutely the BEST way for low-level players to start ramping up their capital quickly.

Grey Market Trading

This is the practice of trading through the neutral auction houses, cross faction. The neutral auction house serves one main purpose in this game: It is the only way items can cross between the Horde and Alliance markets on a realm. It doesn't seem to have been built for this, though, as you need a second account or a friend to bid on the auctions you create. The neutral AH is an exact replica of the normal faction AH in every way but one: It costs three times as much to use. The high deposit and auction house cut, along with its relatively remote location, means that the neutral AH is almost never used to find a buyer for something.

Grey trading (also known as cross-faction arbitrage) is the business of moving goods from one faction to another if there's a shortage (and a higher price) on one of the factions (and there are ALWAYS PRICE DIFFERENCES). It can be good money, but it's a lot less if you have to pay that 15% AH cut. Faced with the sure loss of 15% of their profit margin, most people work out a "solution": Simply list the items for 1 copper and avoid paying any AH fee. Unfortunately, this exposes their listing to snipers. What they're actually doing is betting that their auction won't get sniped, and every time they're right, they win back their 15%. Unfortunately, every time they're wrong, they lose the entire value of their shipment.

You MUST watch for auction, low-ball snipers and you should limit your pricing to maximize profit potential by minimizing loss to Blizzard via auction house overhead. Neutral auction house sniping is the practice of lurking at the neutral auction house (which is usable by both factions) until someone tries to use it to move items from one of their characters to another across factions, and then stealing it. Unlike someone who ninjas a mount in a pickup group, this type of theft is totally OK with Blizzard -- all the sniper is doing is buying a posted auction.

How do you spot a sniper? Use a horde toon and an ally toon on two different accounts and both scan with the "/who" function to see who is in Booty Bay, and Gadgetzan, and Everlook. (The Dalaran auctioneers are faction-based). Any toons that seem out of place for those zones , probably are . . . a level 1-12 in Booty Bay is NOT QUESTING. Ally toons around Gadgetzan/ Tanaris that are under level 41 are also probably NOT QUESTING as it is a level 43-48 area, and the Goblin capital area. Tauren or BE toons might be out of place there at levels 1-15, but goblins would be normal. Everlook is in Winterspring. Characters under level 45 there are dead meat for certain but level 45-49 can solo for short bursts there. If you see strangely placed toons near neutral auction houses, it is time to be more cautious than normal, or to come another day.

There are three basic tactics to apply, and one special-sneaky tactic. Scan & snipe, enable PVP and move next to the suspected sniper and "/spit" (sneaky, the guards will handle him, maybe enough that he won't come back), bait and wait, chaff and drop. Try them in order. ALWAYS scan the auction house to see if somebody else is doing the same thing at the same time. If so, it is your call, will you snipe and wait to see if more falls into your lap, or will you give up and run away for another day?

Next is the bait and wait. I prefer bait over chaff because I find bait is a better predictor of snipers than chaff. Nobody wants to fill their bags with bandages, greys, low level vendor crap and a bunch of nonsense. If you are pressed for time and really must transfer some gear or materials from one faction to the other though, do not hesitate, list 50 glyphs, 200 vendor mats, 100 pieces of ore or cloth, and 40+ pieces of vendor gear, 20-25 faction vendor pets (and perhaps low priced elemental materials if moving mats) to mask your movement. Drop the item into the hundreds of chaff items and have your partner snatch it FAST!

You can leave several or all of your chaff items on the auction house if you wish as a gift to low level (level 20-30) Booty Bay explorers who check out the auction house or you can wait for them to expire, and most probably will. Then you get to put them all bag in your bags and vend them again. Hopefully, you wisely installed an automailer addon.

For more information, check out this website I found:

Black Market Auction House

The Black Market Auction House (BMAH) is a new feature in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. We already wrote a little bit about this auction house, but I reckon it would be a good idea to gather all the informations in one place.

What is the Black Market Auction House?

At the moment, World of Warcraft players have access to two types of action houses: the faction auction houses and the neutral auction houses. The difference between the old two types and the Black Market Auction House is that instead of players, various NPCs will sell their rare goods.

The BMAH is located within the Veiled Stair area, a northern subregion of the Valley of the Four Winds. A bit to the south-east of the Tavern the Mists you will be able to find Madam Goya, who is the leader of the BMAH.

Who can use the new Auction House?

Basically everyone can bid on the items sold here, but there are a few things you ought to consider:

You'll need the MoP expansion.

The Veiled Stair is a level 87 area.

You need a lot of gold, as the lowest bids start at 10k.

The area is not a safe zone, so you can expect a lot of ganking on PvP realms.

How does the BMAH work?

There are about 10 items in the auction house at all times. This is how it currently works on the Beta realms at least.

There is no buyout option. This means that if you really want an item you will have to win it by bidding on it.

The bids start at 10k and can go up to 999k.

Mounts bids start at 20k.

Companions bids start at 10k.

Gear items start from 10k

vanity/misc items start between 10k and 15k

The bidding works similar to the other auction houses bids.

All auctions last for more than 12 hours.

After an item is bought by someone another item is not added to the auction house immediately.

The items you might find in BMAH are realm-based.

What can you find in BMAH?

You'll be able to find expensive and rare items in here. Here are a few examples of the bids:

Mounts: Ashes of Al'ar, Reins of the Onyxian Drake, Smoldering Egg of Millagazor

Companions: Captured Firefly, Giant Sewer Rat, Shimmering Wyrmlin

TCG Items: Dragon Kite, X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME, Tabard of Flame

Gear: The old Tier 3 pieces, Season 12 items and even heroic PvE gear

Recipes: Pattern: Royal Satchel, Plans: Living Steel Breastplate, Plans: Gauntlets of Ancient Steel

Keep in mind that a lot of these items will sell pretty high because they are rare and because is never guaranteed that you'll find them in the BMAH.

Rare Item Farming:

AUCTIONEER add-on: Some people say you should never use an add-on for fear of an account security or other computer security breach. Auctioneer is a basic add-on used by 1000's of people with great success.

Auctioneer provides the vendor price on game items so you know how much vendors will pay for an item, without having to go to a vendor. Auctioneer provides market prices so you know how to price your items, or what you should pay for an item you want to buy. It functions by scanning data from the auction house, averaged out for the server and auction house type (horde, alliance or neutral). It can yield excessively high or low figures based upon the pricing practices of the server's auction posters. Always consider pricing a llittle differently than what Auctioneer values.

Auctioneer automatically provides information on good and bad deals in the form of percentage of normal price. Buyout or bid, and resell at a profit!

Knowing what things are worth just by mousing over the item helps you make good decisions. You can pick the best quest reward knowing what it vendors for, or if you have to drop something from your pack, you can find the least-valuable.

Auctioneer also enables you to list stacks with one click and configurable settings help you choose prices automatically.

List of very rare BoE items/items no longer obtainable

This is a list of items that are either extremely rare, or no longer obtainable.

A good way to find these items, would be adding them to your "snatch" list of your auctioneer.

If you get your hand on any of these items, you can be sure to get a good amount of gold.


Why it's rare


Teebu's Blazing Longsword Sword worn by dwarf "Hammerfall" on vanilla WoW Cover, random world drop. Used for Transmog. Yes

Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops Old quest reward in the AQ gates opening chain. Quest removed in Cata. Only epic cooking recipe. No

The Eye of Shadow Part of the old quest for the priest staff "Anathema" and "Benediction". It's useless, but collector's might want it. No

Blade of Hanna Very rare vanilla raid random drop. Used for transmog. Yes

Manual: Strong Anti-Venom Random world drop, collector's want this. Yes

Schematic: Arcane Bomb

Random world drop, collector's want this. Yes

Pattern: Deviate Scale Belt

Old quest reward in Wailing Caverns. Removed in Cata. No

Pattern: Shifting Cloak Old reward from Knot Thimblejack's Cache in Dire Maul. Removed in Cata. No

Pattern: Hide of the Wild Old reward from Knot Thimblejack's Cache in Dire Maul. Removed in Cata. No

Pattern: Chromatic Cloak Old reward from Knot Thimblejack's Cache in Dire Maul. Removed in Cata. No

Shadowfang BiS level 19 twink rogue weapon. Was a random drop in SFK. After the nerf, it still drops, but only from bosses now, VERY rare. Yes

Assassin's Blade Was BiS level 19 weapon until it was nerfed, still collector's might want it. Still drops, but only from bosses in SFK, VERY rare. Yes

Sulfuron Hammer Required to make Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. Nag it if you see it cheap. Yes

Elemental Attuned Blade Was a small chance of finding this in a Sack of Spoils, they can no longer be obtained. This is also BiS mage and warlock lvl 59 twink weapon. People want it for transmog as well. No

Blade of Wizardry Rare world drop, transmog purposes. Yes

Petrolspill Leggings BiS druid, rogue and hunter level 24 twink legs. Random drop in Gnomeregan. Yes

Recipe: Thistle Tea This item was discontinued in patch 1.3 in 2005. It was replaced with a BoP version of this recipe. People pay loads for this, since this can be learned by all classes. No

Recipe: Elixir of the Mongoose VERY rare old world random drop recipe. Yes

Plans: Felsteel Reaper Rare TBC random drop. Yes

Schematic: Major Recombobulator

4% drop chance in the Dire Maul tribute chest. Yes

Plans: Invulnerable Mail

VERY rare vanilla raid random drop. Yes

Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Parry

VERY rare vanilla world random drop recipe. Yes

Ruby Shades Was sold by Haris Pilton in Shattrath. They were removed from her list in patch 3.0.8. No

Pattern: Star Belt VERY rare vanilla random world drop recipe. Yes

Pattern: Barbaric Belt VERY rare vanilla random world drop recipe. Yes

Pattern: Shadow Hood VERY rare vanilla random world drop recipe. Yes

Schematic: Arcanite Dragonling VERY rare vanilla random world drop recipe. Yes

Tarantula Silk Sash BiS level 19 twink belt for casters. Dropped by the rare mob Chatter. He was removed in Cata, therefore no longer available. No

Pendulum of Doom No

Haunted Memento

Reward in the pre wotlk event. Makes a ghost following you. No

Schematic: Flawless Arcanite Rifle

VERY rare vanilla random world drop recipe. Yes

Frozen Rune Level 60 Naxxramas reagent. No

Cloak of Flames

VERY rare vanilla raid random drop. Yes

Design: Pendant of Sunfire Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Schematic: Annihilator Holo-Gogs Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Pattern: Sunfire Handwraps Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Design: Hard Khorium Choker Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Schematic: Hard Khorium Goggles Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Plans: Hard Khorium Battleplate Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Plans: Sunblessed Breastplate Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Schematic: Hard Khorium Goggles Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Pattern: Carapace of Sun and Shadow Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Pattern: Embrace of the Phoenix

Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Pattern: Leather Chestguard of the Sun Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Pattern: Sun-Drenched Scale Chestguard Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Schematic: Powerheal 9000 Lens Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Schematic: Hyper-Magnified Moon Specs Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Schematic: Justicebringer 3000 Specs Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Schematic: Lightning Etched Specs Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Schematic: Mayhem Projection Goggles Very rare Sunwell Plateau random mob drop. Yes

Schematic: Lifelike Mechanical Toad Very rare vanilla random world drop recipe. Yes

Hotshot Pilot's Gloves Very rare drop from Gnomeregan. BiS gloves for 24 casters Yes

Hakkari Bijou (different types) Old item from ZG which used to give reputation No

ZG Coins (different types) Old item from ZG which used to give reputation No

Heirloom Enchants

1. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Fiery Weapon (BoE)

Source: Drop – Blackrock Depths – Pyromancer Loregrain

Farmable, about a 17% drop rate and you could get this in about 30 minutes of farming.

2. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Icy Chill (BoE)

Source: Drop – Winterspring – Anguished Highborne

Farmable, 4% drop

This enchant may seem like garbage on first glance, who cares about snaring a mob and debuffing it’s attack power but this is highly sought by Hunters to kite with.

3. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Lifestealing (BoE)

Source: Drop – Scholomance – Spectral Researcher

Farmable, 8% drop . . . amazing how common this one seems though :(

4. Formula: Enchant Chest – Greater Stats (BoE)

Source: World Drop (Outlands)

Not Farmable, this is a really rare enchant and you’ll need to add it to your snatch list and hope you find it for sale.

5. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader (BoE)

Source: Eastern and Western Plaugelands – Scarlet Archmage and Scarlet Spellbinder

Very low drop rate, 1.5% chance. You’re best bet is to find this on the auction house.

6. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Spellpower (BoE)

Source: Molten Core – Random Drop

Very low drop rate, <1% chance from bosses only. Find this on the auction house via snatch list.

7. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Healing Power (BoE)

Source: Molten Core – Random Drop

Very low drop rate, <1% chance from bosses only. Find this on the auction house via snatch list.

It’s only 1 spellpower lower than the above enchant and since they are both super rare you’ll be able to sell for a high price.

8. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Agility (BoP)

Source: Reputation – Timbermaw Hold – Friendly

This would be pretty fast to obtain and it’s a popular enchant, go out and get this one right now.

9. Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon – Agility (BoP)

Same as above, Timbermaw Hold – Friendly Rep

Feral druids and hunters particularly like this enchant.

9. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Strength (BoP)

Source: Reputation – Thorium Brotherhood – Friendly

Another fast reputation to grind since you only need friendly, and a popular enchant.

10. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Mighty Intellect (BoP)

Source: Reputation – Throium Brotherhood – Revered

Will take a while to grind this one, some people on wowhead report being able to grind it out within a day.

11. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Mighty Spirit (BoP)

Source: Reputation – Thorium Brotherhood – Honored

Might as well pick this one up too as you’ll have the rep, Warlocks and Priests prefer spirit.

12. Formula: Enchant Chest – Major Health (BoE)

Source: Vendor – Qia in Winterspring

Easiest enchant on the list to get, go buy it and even pick up a couple extra to flip for profit.

13. Formula: Enchant Chest – Major Resilience (BoE)

Source: World Drop (Outlands)

Very rare drop, this enchant cannot be put onto heirloom items but any PvP twinks above level 35 will want this enchant for 39,49,59,69 BG’s

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