Farewell to Manzanar Comprehension Questions

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Farewell to Manzanar Comprehension Questions

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Directions. Answer two questions from each chapter by writing the question, question number, and your response. Ten of your responses must be ACE’d.
Chpt. 1

  1. Why did Papa burn the flag from Hiroshima and papers after Pearl Harbor?

  2. What was Papa accused of when taken into custody?

  3. Why did Papa refer to himself as Skipper?

  4. What was wrong about the way the FBI treated the Japanese?

  5. What happened at Pearl Harbor and what did it mean to the Japanese and Japanese Americans?

Chpt. 2

  1. Why was Jeanne terrified moving to Terminal Island?

  2. Why did Mama throw the expensive plates on the ground?

  3. What does Shikata ga nai mean? Explain its importance in the story.

  4. Why was Jeanne so excited to move to a different place other than Los Angeles County?

Chpt. 3

  1. What problems did Jeanne’s family face in their living quarters?

  2. What task did Woody ask Ray and Kiyo to perform and why?

  3. Who did Woody try to act like? Why?

Chpt. 4

  1. How was Woody’s promise to Mama fullfilled?

  2. What did the War department provide? Was it enough? Why/why not?

  3. Describe Mama’s personality.

  4. What were the conditions of getting shots and what happened because of it? Was it fair? Why/why not?

Chpt. 5

  1. What job did Woody take when he got to the camp and why?

  2. What kind of hat was Papa wearing when he stepped of the bus and what is its significance?

  3. How did Jeanne react to seeing Papa and why was her behavior abnormal?


  1. Describe the many careers that Papa tried?

  2. How does Jeanne characterize her father?

  3. What do the many jobs that Papa had say about him?

  4. According to Jeanne, what snipped off the climax of their life in Ocean Park? Why?

  5. Describe the episode in this chapter that tells us Papa loved having an audience.

Chpt. 7

  1. Why did Wakatsuki Ko leave the Japanese military?

  2. Where was he held and for what reason was he detained?

  3. Why does Mr. Wakatsuki think it is bad to have military leaders?

  4. What analogy does Mr. Wakatsuki use to describe the difficulty he has in siding with either America or Japan?

Chpt. 8

  1. What did the Japanese mean when they used the term “Inu”?

  2. What did Papa threaten to do?

  3. What did Kiyo do at the end of the chapter and why?

  4. Why did the women at the bathroom call Papa an inu?

  5. What did Papa do for most of the day?

Chpt. 9

  1. Why was Fred Tayama badly beaten by six men and taken to the camp hospital for treatment?

  2. Why didn’t the men who came from Fort Lincoln ever discuss the issues that occurred there?

  3. Why did the riot about sugar and the chefs begin? (OVER)

  4. Why did pride matter so much to Papa?

Chpt. 10

  1. What is Kaz’s job and why did the MPs invade the reservoir shack?

  2. When the MPs came to invade the shack, why didn’t the reservoir crew stick up for themselves or fight back?

Chpt. 11

  1. What did the Japanese 17 years old and up have to fill out in the prison camps?

  2. What did Woody do that defies his father’s wishes?

  3. Why did his father disagree? Explain.

  4. If the Japanese answered “no no” on the oath test, where could they be sent?

  5. Why was there a meeting in the mess hall and why did Papa go to the meeting?

Chpt. 12

  1. In Spanish, what does Manzanar mean and why is it ironic given the geography of the camp?

  2. Why did mama choose to move the Wakatsuki family to Block 28 and what did papa do to keep busy>

  3. What was the compromise that Woody and Papa had after their argument over joining the army?

  4. The Jive Bombers would sing any song from “In the Mood” to “String of Pearls,” but they wouldn’t sing one song. What was this song and why wouldn’t they sing it?

Chpt. 13

  1. What did Jeanne, Kiyo, and all the other children finally have when they moved to Block 28? Why was that important?

  2. What was the girls’ intention in telling Jeanne to do these things to her skin, clothes and behavior?

  3. Why did Jeanne never choose to attend a ballet class again?

  4. Why didn’t Papa want Jeanne to be baptized?

Chpt. 14

  1. Why did Jeanne say that “Her father was right,” in making the decision to not get baptized?

  2. Why did Jeanne not want Woody to get drafted?

  3. Why did Eleanor come back to Manzanar when she was pregnant, and how long did it take her to give birth?

  4. Why did the family separate?

Chapter 15

  1. After Eleanor had her baby in Manzanar, where did she live?

  2. What combat regiment did Woody enter into the war? What was it famous for?

  3. What did the departure of Woody into the war do to Jeannie’s family?

  4. When did Woody get drafted, and how did Jeannie handle this?

  5. How did Woody feel about getting drafted and going to the war?

Chpt 16

  1. Do you believe that it was fair that only the Japanese-Americans were evacuated and not the German-Americans or the Americans of Italian descent, when these countries were also our enemies?

  2. Why did the Japanese not want to leave the camp?

  3. Why did Jeanne’s brothers and their wives move to the east coast instead of staying in California?

  4. Why did Jeanne’s papa not want to go to New Jersey?

  5. Why did Jeanne’s faith in God and in the Catholic Church slip?

Chapter 17

  1. Why were so many Japanese homeless after they were let out of the internment camps?

  2. What did many Japanese - Americans compare the internment camps to?

  3. What did Jeanne’s Papa always look at whenever he needed sustenance?

  4. What was Papa’s plan to help the Japanese who were leaving the internment camps?

  5. The bombing of Hiroshima extinguished everyone’s last hope of what?

Chpt. 18

  1. Who is Toyo and what is his/her significance to the family?

  2. How does the family in Japan feel about Woody’s father?

  3. What was the gift that Woody brought to the family in Japan and why did he bring it?

  4. How does the family in Japan treat him and why?

  5. When does Woody realize that he has a very strong resemblance to his father and what effect does this have on Woody?


Chpt. 19

  1. Since the family had to leave the camp, Papa decided that they would do what?

  2. Papa came back from the Lone Pine with a Nash Sedan. How many days did it take the family to arrive to Long Beach? Why did it take so long?

  3. When the family arrived in Los Angeles what did they expect to find. What did they really find?

  4. Who helped the family find a nice place to live and why was it considered a nice place to live?

  5. The American Friends Society helped Mama get a job. What was Mama’s job and why was it important for her to work?

Chpt. 20

  1. What grade was the main character in at the beginning of the chapter? Who did he/she meet at school and what impact did this friendship have on her life?

  2. Did Jeanne become a baton twirler for the Girl Scouts? Why/why not?

  3. What did Jeanne’s dad do when her name was called at the PTA meeting and what effect did this have on her?

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