Family History Project

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Grade 6 Social Studies Project

Family History Project

Examining history can be exciting, enlightening, engaging or to some, quite boring. To begin to understand and enjoy history, it must become relevant. What is your history? Once you know more about your history, learning about the past can become more interesting as it applies to your family. This assignment will trace your family’s history throughout the last century… the history behind you.

Students will create a visual presentation that traces their “history” that they can present orally to the class. This can be in the form of a visual poster, photo album, or scrapbook. The oral presentation should be approximately 5 minutes, and look at the history of your family: who they are, where they’re from, what has happened or what notable events or ideas you learned from the experience.

You have a number of different ways to display this.

Option 1 – Visual Poster

  • Using a large white bristle board, answer the questions asked on the task sheet. Use pictures to make the poster visually appealing.

Option 2: Photo Album or Scrapbook

- Using family photos, answer the questions as outlined on the task sheet. Be sure to label the photos or title the album pages to show what questions you are answering.

- Using family photos, newspapers, letters, diaries, medals, personal illustrations, poems, etc. Create a Scrap book of your defining moments. Be sure to label the pages to show what questions you are answering.

Option 3: Video or Powerpoint

- Be creative and integrate your family memorabilia and history into a visual presentation for the class

- If you are doing a powerpoint, be sure to include pictures and use the guiding questions as headings for your slides

- If you are creating a video, maybe you would like to record your interview or physically show us your family treasures

What am I looking for?

The first and most important is good use of detail; I need to feel like I know what it was like to be there! The next most important criteria is how well you can communicate your ideas, both in written and oral form. The last process I am looking for is your visual presentation; how appealing your presentation looks. Be inventive!

Here are the guiding questions that I want you to consider;

- introduce us to the members of your NUCLEAR family. What do you like to do together, what memorable events/trips have you taken together?

- Introduce us to your extended family members. Step parents, grandparents etc. Who is your oldest living relative?

- what is your family’s ethnicity/national origin?

- tell us where in the world your extended family members live

- any other interesting facts about your family? Any celebrities, scientists? Did anyone do anything adventurous or memorable?
-Where did your family originally come from?

-What was it like coming to a new country?

-Why here? And why did they leave? (Push/Pull factors)

-Were there any problems adapting? What did they find most different about Canada?

-How did they get here?

-What do they miss most about their home country? Why?

HISTORICAL MEMORIES (Interview a parent or grandparent)
-What big historical events do they remember from their childhood?

-How did they learn about them?

-Did they actually experience any big events first hand?

-What were big events in their own life?

-How did an event change history or their life?
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