Family and Relationships

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Schindler’s List


  • Humanity

  • Survival

  • Power

  • Good vs Evil

  • Family and Relationships



  • Goes from innocent religious child who is part of a family to a person who is dead inside and alone (corpse)

  • Change begins when he enters the camps (Never shall I forget that night...)


  • Goes from selfish war profiteer who does not value relationships and others to someone places great value on a lives and builds and rebuilds relationships and family

  • Change begins when he learns more about what is happening in the camps (When asked to take in parents of a young girl)


Time: 1942-1945

Place: Home, various camps

Circumstance: Young Jewish boy who is a prisoner and worker in the camps

Time: 1942-1944

Place: Factory, Poland, various camps

Circumstance: Nazi member who visits the camps and his workers




  • Survival

  • Surviving the setting and the people (Jews vs Jews)



  • Saving people – survival of many

  • How much do you help?

  • Forming of bonds



Writing a comparative essay

Night and Schindler’s List

Question: How does conflict develop the theme of the works you have studied? Make reference to both works.

In ‘Night’ by Elie Wiesel and the movie ‘Schindler’s List’, conflict help develop the theme of the works. Humanity is a major theme in both works and is developed through the quest for survival and encounters with others that both Eliezer and Oskar experience.

Both Eliezer and Oskar struggle with themselves for survival. Eliezer feels at times he should give up. He abandons his spirituality, something that he had used previously to define him as a person. He fights with himself to continue supporting his father, knowing that it would be easier for him if he went by himself. At the end, his struggle leaves him a corpse; inhumane and dead inside. His internal conflicts show how humanity can be lost. In contrast, Oskar Schindler becomes more human as ‘Schindler’s List’ continues. He goes from being a person who is only concerned about making money to someone who regrets not using more money to save more lives. He recognizes his relationship with his wife as important and one worth fostering. He refuses to be the reason more lives are lost. His internal struggle to be a good person means that in resolving his issues, he has allowed generations to thrive. Both characters have their humanity impacted by their personal struggles; their journeys are almost opposite in their pursuit of being human.



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