Fall Protection

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Fall Protection

The Management of [company name] is committed to the health and safety of its employees. The protection of employees from any fall hazard is a major continuing objective.

If the task requires fall protection, [company name] will provide each employee with his or her own personal CSA approved and up-to-date fall arrest equipment. This is to include safety harness, lifeline, and lanyard and rope grab.
The fall arrest system must be inspected and maintained after each and every use to make sure there are no cuts or frayed areas in this equipment. You will find these maintenance instructions included with your equipment. If a fall occurs, all components of the fall arrest system should be removed from service.
A competent instructor will provide training in the proper use of each piece of their fall arrest equipment. Training will include the Basics of Fall Protection program issued by CSAO, which has been approved for use by the Ministry of Labour of Ontario.

Mandatory Fall Protection
All supervisors and workers must make themselves familiar with Section 26 of the Regulations for Construction Projects which outlines the circumstances where fall protection is required.
Fall protection application applies where a worker is exposed to any of the following hazards:

  1. Falling more than 3 metres.

  1. Falling more than 1.2 metres, if the work area is used as a path for a wheelbarrow or similar equipment.

  1. Falling into operating machinery.

  1. Falling into water or another liquid.

  1. Falling into or onto a hazardous substance or object.

  1. Falling through an opening on a work surface.

Section 26.1 (1) and (2) of the Construction Regulations states that:

26.1 (1) A worker shall be adequately protected by a guardrail system that meets the requirements of subsections 26.3 (2) to (8).
(2) Despite subsection (1) if it is not reasonably possible to install a guardrail system as that subsection requires, a worker shall be adequately protected by at least one of the following methods of fall protection:

  1. A travel restraint system that meets the requirements of section 26.4

  1. A fall restricting system that meets the requirements of section 26.5

  1. A fall arrest system, other than a fall restricting system designed for use in wood pole climbing, that meets the requirements of section 26.6

  1. A safety net that meets the requirements of section 26.8

Always remember that if you are not certain of what type of fall protection is required for a particular situation, ask your supervisor for direction.

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