Explorers Test Study Guide

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Explorers Test Study Guide
1. Name the three major European countries exploring the New World: ______________________ _________________________ ______________________
2. Name the main accomplishment of New World exploration: _________________________________________________________________
3. Name the three G’s that the European explorers were usually looking for: _____________________ ________________________ __________________
4. Who was the first European to reach the New World? __________________________
5. What country sent Christopher Columbus on his voyage? _______________________
6. Who landed on the eastern shore of Canada? _________________________________
7. Where was John Cabot trying to travel to? ___________________________________
8. Who landed in Florida? _____________________________________
9. Vasco Balboa was the first European to discover the ___________________________.
10. Who discovered the St. Lawrence River in Canada? ___________________________
11. Who claimed the Hudson Bay area? _____________________________________
12. Who has a river, bay, and strait named after him? ____________________________
13. Name one area of cooperation between the explorers and the Native Americans. ________________________________________________________________________
14. Name one area of conflict between the explorers and the Native Americans. ________________________________________________________________________
15. Who experienced mutiny and cold weather obstacles on his expedition? _________________________________________
16. Who experienced warm weather and nice lands on his expedition? ___________________________________________
17. Name two opportunity costs of sending explorers to the New World: ____________________________ ________________________________________
18. Who claimed the eastern shores of Canada for England? ______________________

19. Pick an explorer. Tell his purpose, his sponsor country, obstacles, and accomplishments of his trip. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

20. Who explored the area near present-day New York State? ______________________
21. Who discovered the Pacific Ocean? _______________________________________

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