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John W. Horne

354 Arnold Mill Road 770.928.6377

Woodstock. GA 30188 dancartist@bellsouth.net

AREAS OF Operational and Administrative:

EXPERTISE: Production Manager and Coordinator

Arts and Business Administrator

Columnist, Grant Writer

Proven Marketing and Public Relations Skills

Budget Preparation, Long Range Planning and Fundraising Development

Facility Operations, Programming, Staffing and Development

Board Recruitment, Selection and Development

Community Outreach and Education

Multi-Disciplinary Presentations

Producer / Artistic Coordinator/ Stage Director/ Light Board Operations

Professional Artist and Photographer
EXPERIENCE: Arts Instructor, Fulton County Arts Council, Intro & Advanced Drawing, Figure Drawing, Intro & Advanced Photography, 1/01 – present.

Warsaw Ocee Community Arts Center, Director, 10/97 – 6/2000.

Operations/Marketing, Freelance Artist/Marketing Consultant, Marketing Director National Computer Inc 6/00—11/00, DanceFashions SuperStore 2/01 – present

Arts Program Coordinator, Fulton County Arts Council,

Warsaw Ocee Community Arts Center, Director, 10/97 – 6/2000.

Co-Founder & Director, Forrest Street Dance Project 1993-1997.

Founder & Artistic Director, Annual Festival of Life Benefit, 1993-1997.

Executive Director, Cherokee County Arts Council, 1/94-5/95.

Retail Management, (1975-1991)

Pier I Imports, Conran's (East Coast), Storehouse, Inc., & Innovations in

Contemporary Furniture. (Atlanta) Responsibilities and positions of:Sales Manager,

Store Manager, Training Manager, Distribution Manager, District Manager.
Fulton County Arts Council Exec. Producer/Production Coordinator: South Fulton Festival,

College Park, G., 9/25-27/98, 9/24-26/99, 9/23/26/00.

Production Credits

Festival of Life Concert Series Artistic Director, and Production Coordinator 1993-1997, Roswell Cultural Arts Center (RCAC)

Fulton Arts North Director/Production Coordinator, International Children's Day, 8/96 & 8/97, 8/98.and 8/99. Consultant for ICD, 2000.

Atlanta Jazz Theatre Stage Director, Ensemble Concert 4/96, 97, and 98 RCAC,

Stage Manager, May 1996 ,1997, Atlanta Civic Center.

Cherokee Christmas Director/Production Coordinator, Cherokee County Arts Council Gala, 12/95.

Georgia Ensemble Theatre Production Assistant, 96/97 season: Invisible Man, Roswell Cultural Arts Center, The Living, The Gin Game, The Foreigner; Still Photo­grapher, Light Board Op., Rigger, Set Painter, Ad Posters.

Roswell City Dance Stage Director, Winter/Spring Roswell Cultural Arts Center1/96, 3/96, 5/97 Concert, 1/96March 1996, May 1997.

PERSONAL Public Relations/Marketing:

SKILLS: Advertising: Creation, Format, Paste-up and Sales

Strategic Goal Development, Implementation and Measure

Budget Development and Expense Control

Communication Skills, Facilitator

Copy Writer, Illustrator, Photographer - Promotional and Professional Performance

Web Site Design and Webmaster

Customer Service, Team Building

Desktop Publishing

Marketing Plans: Development and Execution

Publicity: Radio, Television, Print Media (Local - Regional - National)

Volunteer Recruitment & Supervision

Photographer, Watercolorist, Pastel Artist

Word Processing, Graphic Design

PC-based application fluency: PM6, PSP6, Quark, PS5.5, Word/Excel 2000, FP2000

Publisher, Windows 98Se, Windows 2000,

Writing / Music / Dance

COMMUNITY Web Design and Web Master:

ORGANIZATION http://www.warsawocee.org http://nationalcomputerinc.com

AND GALLERY http://businessleasecentral.com

AFFILIATIONS: Gallery Artist & Web Master: http://www.danceartist.com

The Gathering, Scotland’s Millennium Art’s Project http://www.edinburghceltica.com/hogmanay5.htm

DancArt.com – Contributing Editor (ARTBiz), http://www.danceart.com/

DancArt.comWebsite gallery, http://www.danceart.com/johnhorne/default.htm

Warsaw Ocee Art Centerhttp://www.warsawocee.org Webmaster

Atlanta Dance Unlimited- Advisory Board member; 1996-98

Cherokee County Arts Council- member 1993-present

Dancers Collective- Board of Directors, & Artistic Committee, 1995-98.

Dunwoody Fine Arts Assn.- (Member) Board of Directors, '94- Fundraising. ’93-’96.

Forrest Street Dance Project- Founder, member Board of Directors, 1995-97

Fulton Arts North- Member 1992-present, Board of Directors, 95/96 and 97/98;

Vice President 1998-99.

Gallery V, Ltd. Resident, Artlst, 1995-98.

Hummingbird Lane, Dahlonega, GA- Exhibitor, 1993 - 1997

Internet Website Gallery - http://st7.yahoo.com/pegasus00/johnhorne.html

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance- Active since 1991. Vice President, 1994/95.

Visual Arts League- Cherokee County, Participating member since 1995.

Woodstock Arts Center- Member, Exhibitor, Director 1993-1995.

COMMUNITY Ministry of Health St. Thomas Aquinas, Marketing and Grant writer, 2000 -

ACTIVITIES: AIDS Ministry, St. Thomas Aquinas Church 1992 – 1996

Stephen's Ministry- Counselor, 1991 - 1996

North Fulton Interfaith Council, member 1994-1997
EDUCATION: St. John Fisher College,

Rochester, N.Y. 1990-1974 Majors: History and Photography

REFERENCES: Available upon request

John W. Horne

354 Arnold Mill Road 770.928.6377

Woodstock. GA 30188 dancartist@bellsouth.net

PRIVATE American Heritage Society, Marietta, GA

PERMANENT Georgia Ensemble Theatre and Conservatory, Roswell, GA

COLLECTIONS: The Logic Corporation, Roswell, GA

Alpharetta Dance Theatre, Alpharetta, GA

Mill Creek Veterinary Clinic, Alpharetta, GA

North Roswell Veterinary Clinic, Roswell, GA

Paralympic Historical Retrospective, Georgia State University, Atl., GA

Roswell Animal Hospital, Roswell, GA

Physician's Reliance, Inc. Marietta, GA

Roswell Dance Theatre, Roswell, GA

Telluride Allergist Center, Sandy, UT

Wolf Cub's Keep, Canton, GA

EXHIBITIONS Artist’s Gallery Website http://www.DanceArtist.com

AND DANCEART.COM, Website Gallery, 6/98-present

AWARDS: http://www.danceart.com/johnhorne/default.htm

ALENKA ONLINE, Website Gallery, 12/98-present http://st7.yahoo.com/pegasus00/johnhorne.html

..distant traces.., 2 man exhibit, March/April 2000, Gallery Zebu, Atl. GA

Gallery V, Ltd., Elizabeth Way, Roswell, GA 6/95–6/98

Ansley Square Art Fest, AtI., GA. Benefit: Project Open Hand, 4/96.

Antebellum Festival, Roswell Square, 5/92 and 5/93.

Atlanta Photography Group, Traveling Members Exhibit; 1995/96.

Atlanta Ballet: In-Step Photographer, 1993 production, Nutcracker.

Bulloch Hall, Roswell, GA, RFAA Members Exhibit 2/92, 2/93, 2/94, 2/95.

Chateau Elan, A Taste of Paris, July 1992.

Hummingbird Lane, a Friend to Animals, Dahlonega, GA 5/92 - 2/97.

InnerSpace Gallery, Sandy Springs, GA, One-Man Exhibit -2/92.

Dunwoody Fine Arts Gallery Exhibits: 11/93,1/94, 5/94, 8,94,11/94,

2nd place ribbon, 3rd place ribbon, and Honorable Mention -6/95.

Paralympics, Bocce Venue Exhibit, Emory University, 8,96

Reinhardt College Exhibit, Visual Arts League, 3/93, 3194, 3/95, 5/97.

Roswell Visual Arts Center, Genesis, RFAA Juried Exhibit: ‘93,’94,’96,’97.

Roswell Visual Arts Center, Dream Chasers, Roswell Visual Arts Center Gallery's Inaugural, Three Artist Exhibit, 9/12/97-10/2/97.

Roswell Arts Festival, 2nd place ribbon/award - Graphics -9/93.

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance, Members Exhibit, RCAC, 2/96 & 2/97.

Roswell Dance Theatre, Company Photographer, 1993-1996.

Woodstock Arts Center, Grand Opening Exhibit 9/93.

Woodstock Arts Center, Aesthetics, Heritage & Culture, 2nd place ribbon/award Watercolor - 11/93.

Woodstock Arts Center, Dance: The Visual Image, Judge's Special Award, ~ place ribbon and Honorable Mention Award - 6/94.

Southeast Camera Members Exhibit, 3rd place ribbon - 5/94.

Still Photographer, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Roswell Cultural Arts Center, Roswell, GA 1995 through 1997.

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