Existentialism Paper Topics

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Paper Topics

Due: March 7, 2008

Write a 1000 word essay on one of the following topics:

  1. In Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche begins his preface with the statement, “Supposing truth is a woman,” and adds that philosophers have been very “inexpert about women.” By discussing the themes we have gone over in class, clarify what you think Nietzsche is implying in this opening line. How does Nietzsche believe philosophers should proceed if they are going to be less “inexpert about women”?

  1. In his discussions of herd or slave morality, Nietzsche frequently refers to the philosophers of the future who will overcome this slavish tendency. Discuss the role Christianity, democracy, and language (among others you might choose to discuss as well) play in generating and reinforcing the herd morality. Then based on your reading of what Nietzsche takes to be the task of the philosophers of the future, discuss how you think slave morality might be overcome.

  1. In ‘Before the Law,’ Kafka presents a man who does everything to be admitted to the law, all without success. In what way is this parable typical of the themes one finds in Kafka’s writings? Elaborate, and be sure to refer to Kafka’s other stories.

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