Exercise #4 ~ answer key chapter five the Failure of Democracy in Germany

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The Failure of Democracy in Germany
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Refer to the Student Workbook p.98-99
1. Why did the German government form a democracy at the end of the First World War?
Germany became a democracy because the German leaders thought that this form of government would please the Americans. They wanted to please the Americans in hopes of being treated more leniently in the settlement process.
2. What was the name of Germany’s new democratic government?
The Weimar Republic
3. Complete the following table outlining some of the reasons for the failure of the Weimar Republic.

Threat to the Republic


(why was this a threat?)

Association with the

Treaty of Versailles

  • The Republic was associated with the government that had signed the hated Treaty of Versailles.

Association with the

collapse of the mark and the Great Depression

  • Anyone ruined by the inflation and collapse of the mark in 1923 blamed the Weimar Republic for allowing German money to devalue, and later, high rates of unemployment to occur. This increased Hitler’s popularity.

Adolf Hitler

  • Adolf Hitler promised to destroy democracy and never again let the German people suffer from an economic crisis like inflation and the Great Depression.

4. When and why did “ordinary” inflation become hyper-inflation in Germany?
Hyper-inflation occurred when Germany failed to make her reparation payments and the French and Belgian troops moved in to occupy the Ruhr Valley.

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