Exam Questions Each exam will have 5-8 short-answer questions

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Exam Questions

Each exam will have 5-8 short-answer questions. Below is the complete list of possible questions. For the exam you are required to answer them intelligently and thoroughly! Study hard! Good Luck!! 

You may notice that some questions are related. However, on the exam you will only have only a few selected questions, so be prepared to answer each question thoroughly. In other words, I will not include 2 related questions on one test, so prepare thoroughly for each question.

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Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

  1. Describe Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.

  2. Describe the significance of Martin Luther writing in German, not Latin.

  3. Describe Purgatory and Indulgences (related to the Roman Catholic Church).

  4. Briefly describe the differences and similarities between Catholic and Protestant Christians.

  5. What is “Holy Communion” and what is it symbolic of?

  6. Describe the influence of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, especially in Europe.

King Henry VIII and the English Reformation

  1. What is the divine right of kings? What are the consequences of this belief during the reign of King Henry VIII?

  2. Describe Queen Katherine of Aragon’s life as we saw in the film The Other Boleyn Girl and as we discussed in class.

  3. Describe the historical facts in the movie The Other Boleyn Girl.

  4. Describe the characteristics and desires of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

  5. What was the English Reformation and why did it happen?

  6. Where was Anne Boleyn beheaded? How was her execution different from other traitors.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

  1. What is the historical significance and symbolism of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

  2. Of the many King Arthur stories we discussed, which story do you like best? Describe the story.

  3. What evidence do some people believe helps to prove that King Arthur really existed. What do you believe (did King Arthur really exist?)?

  4. Briefly describe the Quest for the Holy Grail. What is the Quest symbolic of?

  5. What 2 King Arthur characters have a strange birth? Describe the circumstances (Why is their birth strange?).

  6. Describe the relationship between King Arthur and Mordred.

British Literature

  1. Describe the King Arthur story we discussed from The Canterbury Tales.

  2. Briefly describe Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and why is it important?

  3. Describe one important author from British Literature. (From your book or from class)

  4. Describe Romanticism. How did the Romantic Movement influence art and literature during that time?

Ireland, Irish Revolution, Ireland’s troubles

  1. Describe Saint Patrick and Saint Patrick’s Day.

  2. Describe the historical relationship between Britain and Ireland.

  3. What is the Giant’s Causeway? What is the legend of the Giant’s Causeway?

  4. Describe Ireland’s pub culture.

  5. What was the great disaster in Ireland during the 1850’s? What were the consequences?

  6. What was the partition of Ireland?

  7. Why did Northern Ireland choose to remain a part of the United Kingdom (Britain)?

  8. What are some major events that led to the Irish Revolution?

  9. What are the “Troubles” of Ireland? How and why did the “troubles” begin/end? Major events?

  10. What are historical events of Ireland’s history are represented in the movie The Wind that Shakes the Barley?

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