European Parliament votes overwhelmingly for Francois Alfonsi’s Endangered Languages Report

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European Parliament votes overwhelmingly for Francois Alfonsi’s Endangered Languages Report

The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly, 645 for, 26 against, for Francois Alfonsi’s Endangered Languages Report.

The own initiative Report calls on the EU to support measures aimed at revitalising endangered languages, such as ensuring inter-generational transmission, boosting support for endangered language medium education, direct funding for endangered language projects, and for all European Member States to ratify the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

Speaking after the vote, Mr Alfonsi said: "Today's vote is an acknowledgement that much more needs to be done to protect endangered languages."

With such a massive mandate from the Parliament it will be interesting to see how the Commission responds.

Speaking to the press, Davyth Hicks from the NGO Eurolang and Vice-President of the European Language Equality Network (ELEN) who worked on the Report, said that the NGOs and endangered language communities involved were very happy with the result.

“This overwhelming Parliamentary support is a vindication of our long campaign to highlight the problems facing endangered languages in an EU that is meant to ‘respect linguistic diversity’. We warmly congratulate Mr Alfonsi on his success. We will now be working to ensure that the Commission steps up to the plate and implements the Report’s proposals without delay.”(Eurolang 2013)

The Report:

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Eurolang and ELEN are registered NGOs. They have consultative status with the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the UN and UNESCO. They sit on the European Commission NGO Platform for Multilingualism, the NGO Platform for Culture, the NGO Platform for the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, and the UN's ECOSOC.

To date ELEN represents 42 language communities in 21 European States.

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