Ethics and Values nur 102 Fundamentals of Nursing

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Ethics and Values

  • NUR 102 Fundamentals of Nursing

  • Potter and Perry

Learning Objectives

  • Define Key Terms.

  • Describe terms accountability and responsibility in nursing practice.

  • Discuss client advocacy.

  • Describe principles of ethics.

  • Explore how to utilize the process of ethical dilemma.

  • Describe ethical conflicts within different clinical settings.

Ethics – Define Key Terms

  • Value – a personal belief about the worth of a given idea, attitude, custom, or objects that sets standards that influence behavior.

  • Morals – refers to judgment and behavior addressing right and wrong.

  • Bioethics – study of ethics within

health care arena.

Ethics…Principles of
Health Care Ethics

  • Autonomy

  • Beneficence

  • Nonmaleficence

  • Justice

  • Fidelity

Ethics…Professional Nursing

  • Code of Ethics – principles accepted by all members of a profession; ANA

  • Accountability

  • Responsibility

  • Confidentiality

  • Veracity

  • Competence

  • Judgment

  • Advocacy

Values – Value Formation

  • Families – parents

  • Organizations/institutions

  • Religious

  • Educational

  • Governmental

  • Individual Experiences


  • Value Clarification

  • Cultural values

  • Ethnocentrism

  • Steps of Value Clarification

  • Choosing one’s beliefs and behavior, prizing one’s belief and behavior, and acting on one’s beliefs.

Ethics…Ethical Systems

  • Bioethics – ethics in health care delivery.

  • Philosophical

  • Deontology

  • Utilitarianism

  • Consequentially

  • Teleology

  • Feminist Ethics

  • Ethics of Care

Nursing View

Ethics…Process Ethical Dilemma

  • Step 1 – Assess if situation is ethical dilemma. Is this an ethical dilemma?

  • Step 2 – Gather relevant information-interview all participants.

  • Step 3 – Examine your own values.

  • Step 4 – Be clear and be able to verbalize the problem.

Ethics…Process an Ethical Dilemma (cont’d)

  • Step 5 – List possible actions.

  • Step 6 – Explore and or negotiate outcomes of each actions.

  • Step 7 – Evaluate the action.

Ethics…Institutional Ethics

  • Ethic Committees

  • Multidiscipline Team

  • Team consist of all concerned parties

  • Follow written guidelines

  • Explore outcomes/actions

Ethics…Issues in Bioethics

  • Informed consent

  • Advanced Directives

  • Futile care

  • Quality of Life

  • Genetic Screening

  • Allocation of Scare Resources

  • Medical technology

  • Personnel


  • Performing patient care with nurse first knowing own values and understanding how patient’s value can affect their participation in health care.

  • With the increase technology and scientific advances, quality of life and advance directive can result in ethical dilemma.

Critical Thinking Exercises

  • A patient asks you what he can do to “keep the doctors from doing all that medical stuff if my heart stops.’ You explain that a living will is a way to make one’s wishes regarding health care clear. What else can you tell this patient, regarding end-of-life issues?

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