Essential Questions: Chapter 13

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Essential Questions: Chapter 13

The Rise of Mass Democracy, 1824-1840

Election of 1824

  1. What was the voter turnout like for the election of 1824 vs. the election of 1828?

  1. How was the election of 1824 decided and why? 257

  1. What was the “corrupt bargain”? 258

  1. Why was John Quincy Adams considered such a failure as a president? 259

The “Revolution of 1828”: the Election of Jackson

  1. To what degree was Jackson’s election truly a “Revolution of 1828”? 260

  1. How does it compare to Jefferson’s Revolution of 1800? 260

Jackson as President

  1. Based on his humble beginnings, in what ways could Jackson be described as of the “common man”? 262

  1. In what ways was Jackson an aristocrat? 262

  1. What were the advantages and disadvantages of the spoils system? 262

  1. How did Jackson defend the spoils system as a “rotation in office”? 262

The Tariff of 1828

  1. Why did New England go along with the huge new tariff, and why did the South oppose it so violently? 263

  1. What did the Jacksonians hope to gain by proposing it in the first place? 263

  1. Who was the real author of the South Carolina Exposition, and why did he write it? 264

The Nullification Crisis

  1. Why did South Carolina nullify the tariff reduction of 1832? 264

  1. How did Jackson react to South Carolina’s actions? 265

  1. What was Clay’s compromise offer and why did he make it? 265

  1. What was the Force Bill and how did South Carolina react to it? 265

  1. What was the ultimate result of the Nullification Crisis? 265

Jackson’s Native American Policy

  1. What was the theory of assimilation and how well did it work? 266

  1. What was the primary purpose of the Indian Removal Act? 267

  1. Why did Jackson believe that the Indian Removal Act benefited Native Americans? 267

The War over the Second Bank of the United States

  1. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Bank of the US at this time? 268

  1. Why did Henry Clay want to recharter the Bank of the US four years early? 269

  1. How did Jackson’s veto of the recharter bill strengthen the presidency? (other actions?) 270

The Election of 1832

  1. What were the important innovations of the election process in 1832? 270

  1. Who were the Anti-Masonites? the National Republicans? 271

  1. Why did “Old Andy” Jackson win easily over Henry Clay? 271

Killing the Bank

  1. After his veto, how did Jackson try to kill the Bank? 271

  1. Why did Jackson issue the Specie Circular? 272

New Party—the Whigs

  1. From which group did the Whig party emerge, and why did they claim that name? 272

  1. Why did Martin Van Buren win the election of 1836? 273

  1. What problems to Martin Van Buren inherit from Jackson? 274

A U.S. Depression

  1. What led to the Panic of 1837? 274

  1. To what extent did Jackson’s policies contribute to the economic problems during Van Buren’s presidency? 274

  1. What was Van Buren’s response to the economic crisis and was it effective? 275

  1. What was the Divorce Bill/Independent Treasury Bill? 275

Texas Independence

  1. Why did Mexico agree to allow US settlers in Mexican Texas, and what was expected of the Americans? 275

  1. What incited the independence movement in Texas, and how was it ultimately victorious? 277

  1. Why did the US decline to annex Texas? 280

The Election of 1840 & Two Parties

  1. How did the Whigs “manufacture” both candidates to achieve victory for Harrison in the 1840 election? 280

  1. How had the electorate(voting population) changed since the Critical Period? 282

  1. What were the two remaining political parties in 1840, and what were their basic positions? 283



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