Essential Question: What differentiates one civilization from another? Integrated Learning Outcome

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Integrated Content Areas: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Theater, and Visual Arts

Unit Title: The Early Civilizations in the Americas

Essential Question: What differentiates one civilization from another?

Integrated Learning Outcome

With a partner, students will create a Fandango puppet to represent a mask that was used my one of the three Civilization in the Early Americas (Maya, Aztec, or Inca) and give a small presentation about their mask. Students will also write an essay that explains their chosen civilization.

Authentic Performance-Based Summative Assessment

Students created a Fandango puppet of a civilization in the Early Americas (Maya, Aztec, or Inca)

Partners will present their fandango puppets

Written assignment

Visual and Performing Arts

Prior knowledge:




Content Standards:


1. 3.1 Design and create masks, puppets, props, costumes or sets in a theatrical style drawn from world cultures

Visual Arts

3.2 Compare and contrast works of art from various periods, styles and cultures and explain how those works reflex the society in which they were made





Other Content Area(s)

Prior knowledge:




Common Core State Standards:

Social Studies

7.7 Students compare and contrast the geographic, political, economic, religious,

and social structures of the Meso-American and Andean civilizations.

1. Study the locations, landforms, and climates of Mexico, Central America, and South

America and their effects on Mayan, Aztec, and Incan economies, trade, and develop­

ment of urban societies.

2. Study the roles of people in each society, including class structures, family life, war­

fare, religious beliefs and practices, and slavery.

3. Explain how and where each empire arose and how the Aztec and Incan empires were

defeated by the Spanish.

4. Describe the artistic and oral traditions and architecture in the three civilizations.

5. Describe the Meso-American achievements in astronomy and mathematics, including

the development of the calendar and the Meso-American knowledge of seasonal

changes to the civilizations’ agricultural systems.

English Language Arts

2.0 Reading Comprehension (Focus on Informational Materials)

Students read and understand grade-level-appropriate material. They describe and

connect the essential ideas, arguments, and perspectives of the text by using their

knowledge of text structure, organization, and purpose.

2.3 Write research reports

c. Include evidence compiled through the formal research process (e.g., use of a

card catalog, Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature, a computer catalog, magazines,

newspapers, dictionaries).






1) Holt: World History Medieval to Early modern Times

2)Multi-media---video- History’s Impact; World History Video Program- The Early Civilizations of the Americas

3)Multi-media---Powerpoint- Maya, Aztec, and Inca Mask

4)Pictures of the different masks that each civilization had

Creative Process

(These phases of the creative process can be arranged in whatever order makes sense for this project. Phases will likely be repeated and will overlap as the project is worked on over time. In this section, describe the strategies used to activate these five phases.)
Imagine / Examine / Perceive (What pieces of the unit of study require students to examine the world, perceive artwork or imagine something new?) As students are reading with in text or watching a video on either the Maya, Aztec, or Inca.
Explore / Experiment / Develop Craft (Which activities ask students to explore the content, experiment with ideas and get build new skills?) As students are engaging in the lessons/task within the unit.

Create (What pieces of the project are devoted to students creating their artwork?)

With a partner, students will create a fandango puppet on a civilization of their choice. The puppets will represent the mask that were used for various purpose within that civilization.

Reflect / Assess / Revise

(Which activities ask students to reflect on their work, assess their progress and revise their project?

Share (How will students share their work with others?)

Each group will present their fandango puppets to the class along with a small script informing us about the mask.

Formative Assessment of the Visual and Performing Arts Content

List tools or strategies.

1)Project Rubric

2) Group project fandango Puppet


Formative Assessment of Other Content Areas

List tools or strategies.

1) Presentation Rubric

2) Written essay to inform us about their civilization


Summative Reflection


Student(s): Reflections about the big idea

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