Eph Hanks Pioneer Scout

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200 The Army's winter camp site near Fort Bridger.

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203 Backout was simply a test of courage, endurance or skill between opponents with the loser backing out.

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205 Journal History, January 1, 1862. Dawson, while in Salt Lake City, had made an indecent proposal to a Mrs. Williams. This disclosure and other "gallantries" drove him into seclusion, and hence out of the territory.

206 Harriet Decker divorced Eph in March, 1872, and Jane Capener also left him about the same time. Hannah Hardy, as already noted, left him within two months of their marriage in 1856. He had seven children by Harriet and seven children by Jane.

207 Sidney Hanks Collection; newspaper article without identification.

208 A mercy killing, supposedly authorized by the Mormon church. According to Mormon church doctrine, there is no forgiveness for certain grievous crimes other than to have one's own blood shed.

209 Controversial organization founded by Dr. Sampson Avard, himself a Mormon, in June or July, 1838, while the church resided in Missouri. Members were accused of robbery and even murder. Although repressed by Joseph Smith at the time, some believe the organization came west to Utah, and was promoted by Brigham Young to control the gentiles.

210 Term Be'boys means rowdy or gang member.

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229 The site, although now privately owned, is within the confines of Capital Reef National Park.

230 Sidney Hanks Collection. Also, Walter E. Hanks related the story to his son, Ephraim K. Hanks, who in turn related it to the author of this paper.

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235 Wayne Stake Historical Record, Book A. Quarterly Conference, Loa, Utah, August 24 and 25, 1895, p. 156, hereafter cited as Wayne Stake Conference. It is of interest to note that the office of Patriarch is a spiritually demanding one and usually only those with a special aptitude for discernment are chosen for this position. The office of seventy and high priest are each a specific priesthood calling with different responsibilities.

236 Interview with Dave Rust, May 4, 1956. J. Golden Kimball was a popular General Authority following the turn of the twentieth century. He was loved for his homespun stories, humor, and colorful language.

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243 The mill still stands and is well preserved. It was recently selected as an official Utah Historical Site (1972).

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245 See Chapter Five.

246 E. Kay Hanks collection. While Apostle Hinckley was California Mission President in the 1930's he related this story at least three times in conference sessions when introducing E. Kay Hanks, Eph's grandson; the last time being at a Fresno Stake Conference in 1935.

247 He completed fifty round trips between Salt Lake City and the Missouri River while carrying the mail; averaged about one thousand miles per trip.

248 Journal History, July 31, 1896.
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