English Review Things Fall Apart

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English Review
Things Fall Apart

Most powerful Ibo God is CHUKWU.

Each person has a personal chi (aura).

The Abame tribe who killed missionary and was slaughtered by British.

Mbaino is tribe that Ikemefuna comes from.

Mbanta is where Okonkwo has to flee to.

Obierika is Okonkwo’s best friend.

When Okonkwo returned to Umuofia he was able to do what one thing that he wanted to do –

Find husbands for his daughters
All Quiet on the Western Front

Order of deaths – Kemmerich, Muller, Kat, Baumer

1st  3rd person

Men kill rats with torches

EPIC hero (pg. )

Often takes long journey to achieve particular goal

Embodies the values of his society

Has superior strength, courage, knowledge

CAN die
Gilgamesh and The Flood

A legendary Sumerian king and hero

Enkidu’s dream foretells his own death.

Siduri (goddess of wine) bars her gate when she sees Gilgamesh because his unkempt appearance makes her fearful that he is a desperate man who will harm her.

She advises Gilgamesh to be content with mortal life.

Gilgamesh vs. The Flood

(G) Gods try to destroy humanity because their sleep is being disturbed by the humans’ ruckus. (F) God destroys humanity because they have become so wicked.

Utnapishtim tests Gilgamesh’s determination to complete quest by telling him to stay awake for six days and seven night.

Noah and his family are finally persuaded to come out of the ark when God commands them to.
The Iliad

The goddess Hera convinces Achilles to find out what brought on Apollo’s anger (so Achilles is not the first to want to figure this out).

Agamemnon wants to seize Briseis (Achilles’ wife) to show that he is stronger than Achilles.

Nestor (older, wiser man) encourages the two Greek leaders to stop fighting each other.

At the end of Book 1, Achilles prays that Zeus will take the Trojan side of the war.

Agamemnon is very selfish in his actions by stealing women.

Oedipus Rex

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Elie Wiesel’s father is not a cabbalist (warns Elie about studying the concepts of mysticism, especially so early in life).

By comparing the German workers who throw bread and the boat passengers in Aden who throw coins, Wiesel implies that many people are entertained by the suffering of others.

When the prisoners think that they are going to die in the snowstorm, they begin to cry and wail.

Throughout the memoir, Wiesel’s main focus is on the prisoners themselves and their struggle to survive.

Semi-colon usage

Already know complete thoughts

List already containing commasexample on board

Using conjunctive adverbs - however, therefore, in addition, moreover, subsequently, consequently, instead, and additionally.
LOGOS - method of argument appealing to logic.

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