English french colonial comparison

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Population 1,600,000 Population 80,000
Agriculture primary occupation in devoted themselves to fur trading with

Middle and Southern colonies, fishing Native Americans

in New England
Each colony had a separate government. Government was highly centralized. The

Authority divided between officials rep. King and his officials exercised complete

the King(governor)and elected rep. of the people control. A plan of action could be put into

(assembly) effect quickly

Relations with Native Americans poor.(except for Relations with Native Americans friendly.

the Iroquois). Native Americans feared English Fur traders treated them well.

because they occupied the land and spoiled hunting.
Most of the colonists were Protestant - not Catholic. The people of New France were mostly

More religious freedom in the colonies than other Catholic. Missionaries sent to convert the

colonies. Native Americans to Catholicism
Great opportunity for English colonists to Only nobles can own land

own land

Several prominent Englishmen and Virginians An expedition of 1000 men have begun

have organized the Ohio Company(1748) to building a line of forts in the Ohio Valley

establish trading posts and settlements in the to hold it for France.

Ohio River Valley.


Analyze the chart above.

Question: Based on this chart, did Great Britain or France have the military advantage at the start of the French and Indian War?

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