English assignment day 5- comparison of Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse now

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English assignment day 5- Comparison of Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse now

Owen Potts



- All the characters are similar in there names and personalities.

- Marlow finds in both stories that home isn’t the same after the experiences of their journeys.

-They both have a narrator.

-They are both in 3rd person omniscient.

-The boats both take a long deep journey past all the outposts deep into the jungle.

-The natives of the land they invade are treated unjustly and poorly.

- They both loose members of the boat crew from ambush of the locals.

- Really dark, dream sense in the way the story is presented.

- Marlow becomes mesmerized by Kurtz actions.

- Both Marlow’s were given the job of extracting Kurtz from his renegade outpost.

- Kurtz is a very high achiever in both stories.

-Kurt is godlike to the natives.

-The mission of Marlow to track down Kurtz is kept very secretive.

- Similar tone in that narration

-Both do show that when men are given power, there hearts can turn to darkness, in the “heart” of the darkness of the jungle.

-They take place in different locations, and different timelines, Vietnamese war to stop communism, and the colonization of the African Congo for resources.

- Marlow copes with the war by drinking.

-Marlow in the book feels sadness and remorse towards the black slaves of the Congo.

- In the book its about colonization and gaining resources, in the movie the US is trying to spread capitalism and stop communism.

-Marlow gets his information of Kurtz from the manager of the company in the book, rather then from a dossier in Apocalypse now.

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