English 1a revision/Expansion/Reflection Assignment

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Fall 2015 English 1A Revision/Expansion/Reflection Assignment
Overview: In-class essays: most of us don’t do our best work in that format, right? We tend to think of all the things we could have said only after the stressful experience is over. Well, here’s your chance. This assignment will give you a chance to revise and expand your diagnostic essays and demonstrate how much your writing has improved. The reflective memo you write about it will also help show how your judgment of your writing have improved over the semester.

  1. Re-read the prompt for the essay, your first response, and my comments. Consult with me during my office hour (or by email) if you want further clarification or input.

  1. Revise and expand your essay by improving whatever it needs: adding evidence from your life to support your claims, changing your tone to improve your ethos, straightening tangled sentences and correcting faulty punctuation, etc. This draft will also be an expansion, for most of you, to 1000 words (3 pages or so).

  1. Write a MEMO: Write a brief (1 or 2-paragraph) explanation of what you improved. This should go on top when you submit the final draft.

  1. The hard copy should be turned in with the following: __original in-class essay, __ rough draft of revision, __ peer review sheet, __final draft of revision, __brief 1-paragraph memo about improvements (on top). Put all of this in an unpadded manila envelope with your name, my name, the class name, and the section number written on the front. (I have recycled ones to share.) Don’t seal it, please.

  1. Submit final draft to Turnitin.com on the same day the hardcopy is due.


    • Please don’t just put in the missing commas and fix the misspellings! It is possible to get a lower grade than you did on the original if no real revision happens. Revisions are held to a higher standard than in-class essays.

    • Also, you can’t start over with the same prompt. It’s a revision assignment; the idea is to work with an earlier draft. The goal is to expand and strengthen the essay in every way possible, content, organization, development, originality, depth of thinking, and mechanics.

    • You might see weaknesses in your essay that I didn’t see, or that I didn’t take the time to comment on. By all means, improve whatever you think needs improving.

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