Empire State Building History

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Empire State Building History





Empire State Building History

The empire state building is among the Iconic buildings that are known to be landmarks in the United States. The building usually the tallest in New York appearing in more than 90 movies. The building is the key section of the New York skyline. It was the first building in the United States to have 100 floors (Willis, C. 2007). The construction of the building begun in 1929 after when it was completed in 1931. The height of the building is 1250 ft. to the roof. The real number of the stories for the building is 102 making the building be the tallest during the construction years in America.

The building was built by John Thompson being designed by William F. Lamb. Different challenges faced the opening of the building after completion due to its location, a factor that lead some of its rooms to remain unrented. The empire has been faced by various incidences especially the plane crash in 1945 that left fourteen people dead. Suicide and shooting rates have as well been experienced in the building to many times.

The empire state building has been ranked the fifth tallest building in America, a factor that makes it an icon of American history. The forty years since its construction, empire state building remained the tallest building before construction of the north tower world trade center in late 1970. Globally, the empire state building is ranked 25th tallest building (Bullard, L. 2010). The building is designed in an art deco design that makes it be the seventh world wonder by an American cultural icon likeness of the current world. The building has usually attracted a large number of visitors globally, masking it to be viewed as a tourist attraction in the America. The building construction was done using the available technology of the ages that has made the building to be among the strongest building.

William F. Lamb was the building architect from Lamb, Harmon and Shreve architectural firm who designed the house with two weeks. The building design was started from the top to the bottom to facilitate the standards of the structure. The excavation of the construction site commenced in 1930, 22 January, but the actual construction of the building started on May, 1 1931. The building composed of more than 3,400 workers whereby five workers were reported on the process of the construction project (Berman, J. S., & Museum of the City of New York. 2003). Although there were other competitors building, empire state building emerged the tallest building on its completion after when it was opened officially by Herbert Hoover who was the United States President. The building was regarded as the main course of the Herbert Hoover presidential race victory in November 1932. The building was later named as empty state building since there were no people interested in renting the building.

In 1951, the building was sold to Roger l. Stevens among other company partners at the cost of $51 million. The cost of the building generated its history during the years since it was the most expensive single structure purchase. Before the procurement of the building, different challenges were faced due to its poor management (Bullard, L. 2010). After the aircraft incident, the building attracted various debates of its weakness that it is not firm. The renovation of the building brought back the confidence of the building after when it was named among the strongest building in the United States.

In conclusion, the empire state building is one of the greatest infrastructures in the United States due to the features it contains. The lighting of the building is usually amazing. Besides the lighting, its design especially the 103 floor that was designed as a plane strip. Visiting empire state is an amazing experience since it shares the history of great architects of the old generation.


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