Emir1 Articles 31 and 32 Purpose of this form

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10 Declaration

If original declaration is not sent then it must be held on site for inspection if required.

Type of controller

Who must sign (authorised signatory)

A company with one director

The director

A company with more than one director

One director

Who must sign the declaration?

Authorised signatories for controller(s) (see above) and in the case of a joint notification, authorised signatories for target CCP(s).

There will be a delay in processing the notification if any information is inaccurate or incomplete. Failure to notify the Bank immediately of any significant change to the information provided may result in a serious delay in the notification process.

 I understand it is a criminal offence knowingly or recklessly to give the Bank information that is false, misleading or deceptive.

 I confirm that the information in this form and any supporting documentation is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

 I authorise the Bank to make such enquiries and to seek such further information as it thinks appropriate to verify the information given on this form or in any supporting documentation.

 The notice-giver(s) give their consent to receive communications from the Bank via email (including the serving of statutory-notices).

10.1 I confirm that I am legally authorised to sign on behalf of the controller named below:



Signing on behalf of (controller)







10.2 Is/are the proposed controller(s) making this notification in conjunction with the target CCP(s), e.g. is this a joint notification?


 Yes Complete the table below

I confirm that I am authorised to sign on behalf of the target firm(s) named below:



Signing on behalf of (target CCP)







What to do next - Submitting the form

Contact details for the Bank can be found below.

By Email

  1. The Bank recommends that you submit your notification via email.

  2. Please send your notification to the Bank to FMIInformation@bankofengland.co.uk

  3. Please note that emails containing attachments larger than 20mb will get rejected by the server. In these cases, please submit your notification by post.

  4. Accepted file types are: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, PDF Adobe Acrobat files, BMP (image files created in paintbrush) TIFF files (fax), and Text files. Please note that emails with attachments that include file types that are not listed may result in your notification being acknowledged as incomplete.

  5. Notifications received after 16:00 hours will be treated as being received on the following working day.

  6. Unless requested, you do not need to submit the original documentation provided in your email. However we recommend that you retain a copy throughout the application process.

  7. Section 10 declaration – The Bank will accept electronic signatures. Alternatively you should print this section, sign the declaration, scan it and then attach to your emailed notification.

By Post

  1. If you are submitting confidential or sensitive information, the Bank recommends that you send your notification via courier.

  2. Please send your postal notification to the Bank at:

The Director

Financial Market Infrastructure Directorate

Bank of England

20 Moorgate



1 Regulation No 648/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 July 2012 on OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories. Link available: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX:32012R0648

2 This form assumes that the proposed acquirer will be a body corporate. If that is not the case, please contact the Bank.

3 To be replaced by 2013/36/EU (Capital Requirements Directive 4).
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