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Call for Storytellers
The Emergence Community Arts Collective’s (ECAC) mission is to empower the human spirit through social activities, traditional arts classes, support groups, and educational seminars. ECAC builds on the strengths of the community by providing informal and formal gathering space, engaging new and old residents in civic discourse through the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force, and capturing neighborhood history – both written and oral.
ECAC is building on the work of the National Association for the Relief of Destitute Colored Women and Children, an organization that served the community since 1863. Retelling our history is an important aspect of our work. This year, we want our history told through the guise of a storyteller at our 6th annual fundraiser, “In Honor Of: Celebrating Community Service in Pleasant Plains and Park View, which acknowledges residents who have worked to build a stronger neighborhood.
By answering this call, you are petitioning to perform two works: 1) To tell an engaging story of ECAC’s history and 2) To tell an original work from your collection! Your original story must be inspiring, witty, creative, and hold historical merit.
Below is the link to our “Emerging Women” website that will provide historical context: http://www.ecacollective.org/emergingwomen/index.html.

We welcome accompanying drums, kora, and simple props to be with you on stage.

The successful candidate will be:


  • We value your work and skill that you contribute to our cause, however as a non-profit we can only offer a small stipend in addition to dinner, photos of your performance, an opportunity to sell copies of your media (CDs/DVDs), an opportunity to advertise your next performance, and an opportunity to showcase your passion to an audience of 250.

Please send us:

  • A resume including your name, number, email and mailing addresses outlining your relevant qualifications.

  • A written statement (no more than 300 words) about yourself and your work.

  • One video (between 7 – 10 minutes) with accompanying written description of what you would like to present at the fundraiser event. Please provide the video via a link to where we can view your original work. The winning story and performance will be the keynote presentation.

  • Names and contact information for two people who can attest to your outstanding performances.

  • Applications are due by 6pm on Friday, March 11, 2016. Applications may be emailed in PDF format to sylvia@ecacollective.org using “IHO: Storyteller Submission” in the subject line. You may also mail your (non-returnable) submission to 733 Euclid Street, NW, WDC. The selection process will include an in-person or Skype interview for finalists. Winner selected by March 25, 2016. After being selected, you will have nearly two months to review our history, create a new story, and run through it with the event committee in advance of your performance of it at the “In Honor Of” event. If you have questions, please contact Sylvia Robinson at Sylvia@ecacollective.org or (202) 462-2285.

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