Electronic Editing and Proofreading Exercise Punctuation

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Electronic Editing and Proofreading Exercise

Each sentence in the paragraph below has two punctuation errors. Identify the errors and correct them using the Track Changes feature in accordance with the methodology outlined in class. A couple instances below are actually grammatical errors, but they are the types that need punctuational corrections. Note that spelling and grammar check show nothing.

American’s usually believe that they are not only the originators of but also the sole practitioners of Thanksgiving when actually harvest festivals were practiced by the ancient Hebrews, Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans. The ancient Greeks, for example, honored Demeter who was the goddess of grains, at the festival of Thesmosphoria; held each autumn. While the practice of celebrating the first Pilgrim Native American Thanksgiving in 1621 had been ongoing for over two centuries, it wasn’t until the 1770’s that the Continental Congress suggested a day of national Thanksgiving. In 1863 President Lincoln appointed a national day of Thanksgiving since then the country has held that celebration on the fourth Thursday of November On that first “Thanksgiving” the Packers beat the Bears 49 to 3, football has been a vital part of the holiday ever since.

Each sentence below has two grammatical errors. Fix. Again, don’t rely on grammar check.

For the perfect Thanksgiving, only a turkey and a cold beer is necessary, and this makes for the perfect event. But while large domestic turkeys can not fly, its smaller, wild cousins can fly very good? A wild turkey prefers walking on the ground, but they can also perch in the branches of trees as if it was a regular bird. Many people substitute ham for turkey on Thanksgiving, even though most people agree that between the two, the turkey is best; it was certainly the entrée of choice for my family and I. The most unique Thanksgiving meal I ever heard of was called cuttlefish surprise; in the encyclopedia it describes a cuttlefish as a mollusk.

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