Egyptian Travel Brochure

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Egyptian Travel Brochure
Pretend you are a travel agent who has spent several weeks in Egypt touring some of the monuments built by the pharaohs in ancient times. You now want to encourage tourists to visit four of these sites to learn about the accomplishments of the pharaohs.
Use what you learned on your tour and the ideas you recorded on your student handout to create a travel brochure describing four important sites along the Nile River you think tourists should see. You must select one site for each of the three historical periods in ancient Egyptian history: the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom. Follow these guidelines.

  1. Give your travel brochure an interesting and catchy title.

  2. Create your travel brochure for an adult audience that has never been to Egypt.

  3. In the front of your brochure should be a short introduction stating why these three particular sites were chosen for this brochure.

  4. Include a separate page for each of the three sites you think tourists should visit. Each page should contain the following information:

          1. A three-or four sentence description of the site and one of the monuments that can be seen there

          2. A three-or four sentence description of the pharaoh who built at the site and the time period during which he or she ruled

          3. A two-three sentence description of how this site is related to the other one’s chosen. (technology, greatness, turning point, pinnacle)

          4. At least one visual, such as an illustration, map, symbol, or picture

          5. Creatively design and illustrate your travel brochure

Grade Break Down:

Visual appeal: 30 points

Introduction 10 points

Descriptions: 40 points

Timely completion: 20 points

Ancient Civilizations- Egypt

Lesson One: Background knowledge of Egypt including time line of the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms and why the Nile River is so important to ancient Egyptians
Lesson Two: Nile River Cruise:

Students participate in an experiential activity that has them moving around the room to several stops along the Nile River to see ancient Egyptian sites. After reviewing the artifacts and photo’s and reading a short synopsis, they answer a prompt on their graphic organizer. (this is a variation on the History Alive! Activity enhanced by my photo’s that have been made into poster size and artifacts I purchased while in Egypt)

Lesson Three: Egypt Travel Brochure: Culminating project is an Egyptian travel brochure they create on several of the most interesting Nile River stops. (see attached rubric)

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