Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers Advanced Placement Course Drop Policy

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Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers

Advanced Placement Course Drop Policy

The administration does not recommend the decision for a student to drop an AP course. Students are placed in AP courses based on teacher recommendation, student interest, the benefit of exposing students to the rigor of a college class in high school and the vision of our school that all students have the ability to take an AP course and be successful in the course and receive a qualifying score on the AP exam. There are however extenuating circumstances that might warrant a student to drop an AP course from their program of study. The following are the procedures for dropping an AP course:

  1. The student MUST notify the AP teacher, AP Coordinator, Headmaster and their Guidance Counselor by formal letter, their intent on dropping the AP course and the reason why this course should be dropped from the students program of study. The letter MUST be signed by the student and the parent/guardian

  1. Letters MUST be received by September 24 by 2:30pm

  1. The letter will be reviewed by the AP Team

  1. A meeting will be called with the student, parent and members of the AP team to discuss the dropping of the AP course

  1. After the meeting, a determination will be made by the AP Team

  1. Each determination will be made on case by case basis. Determinations will be made by September 30.

  1. There will be no guarantees made that each drop request will be accepted. Several factors are considered such as class size limits in non-AP courses, scheduling conflicts, efforts the student has made to seek extra help, efforts the student has made to complete all assignments, participation in class and how the student has utilized study periods.

Advanced Placement Program

Data Sheet
An Advanced Placement Student is:

  • One who is dedicated to being successful

  • One who is committed to working hard

  • One who is willing to be challenged

  • One who is determined to complete ALL assignments

  • One who is willing to commit significant time to studying for their AP course outside of classroom time

  • One who is willing to attend study sessions outside of the school day

Advanced Placement Support at Kennedy Academy for Health Careers

  • Tutoring offered by AP faculty members (after-school)

  • One hour study periods during the school day

  • AMSCO AP Study Guides

  • Massachusetts Math and Science Initiative- provides 3 Saturday prep sessions for each Math, Science and English AP course

  • Hinton Scholars Program at Harvard Medical School- provides enrichment the summer prior to entering AP Biology and provides an after school study session component during the school year

  • Northeastern Bridge to Calculus Program-provides math enrichment for students entering AP Calculus the following Fall

Advanced Placement Administrative Team
Headmaster: Dr. Caren Walker Gregory

AP Coordinator: Angela E. Hedley

AP Guidance Coordinator: Carmen Calderone O’Hara

Advanced Placement Faculty
AP Biology: Seneca King

AP Calculus AB: Thierno Tall

AP English Language and Composition: Kimberly Frazier-Booth

AP English Literature and Composition: Mia Manduca

AP Statistics: Frank Harris
Advanced Placement Offerings


Grade When Course is Offered



Calculus AB


English Language and Composition


English Literature and Composition




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