Education: American School Foundation, Mexico City, D. F., United Mexican States

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Name: Jean-Paul Dupre’

Age: 38

Date of Birth: 23/DEC/1971

Place of Birth: Brownsville, TX, United States of America

Education: American School Foundation, Mexico City, D.F., United Mexican States

University of Texas at Austin 1990-

Major: Economics

Credit hours: 180+

Reason for non-completion: Academic dismissal

University activities:

Cadet, United States Army ROTC, Longhorn Battalion

Cadre, highest-ranking: Battalion Commander Maj. Puffpaff

Company Commander: Capt. Fleetwood

Cadre who oriented me to branch M.I. upon Army ROTC completion: Capt. Olvera

University of Texas Polo Club

Responsibilities: Caring for, feeding and grooming horses and cleaning tack and stables as per rotating schedule. To ride horseback as often as possible and train to develop polo skills no less than three times per week. I taught horsemanship and polo skills to new members. I was actively involved in fund-raising and donations in-kind.

SAT Score: 1370, 750 Verbal and 620 Math.

Age when I took the SAT: 14

Languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian with either native-speaker or high-level proficiency. I’m teaching myself German. I possess and have an ear for the phonemes of additional languages.

Weapons Training: I am proficient with all military small-arms up to the level of those generally deployed by an Infantry platoon. I have deeply conditioned muscle-memory when handling single-action, semi-automatic side-arms such as the M1911 and weapon systems of the Stoner-designed, M-16 family. I personally favor the Applegate point-shooting method over the more popularly accepted methods for practical self-defense.

I’m proficient in the use of shock-weapons including bladed weapons, baton, improvised weapons and garrote.

I’m trained in basic demolition and in the deployment of bounding anti-personnel, directional anti-personnel and anti-armor mines.

Martial Arts Training: Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Combatives. I trained with InSights Training and my chief instructor taught Combatives for 8 years at the JFK School of Special Warfare. I practice good Situational Awareness and am knowledgeable of the OODA loop.

I can land-navigate with compass, map and pace-count and I have wilderness survival skills.

Intelligence philosophy: I endeavor to proficiently apply the Intelligence Cycle so as to precisely and accurately collect, collate, interpret and disseminate high-quality information.

I personally favor using over-lapping matrices to confirm and verify information from all sources by use of deductive and inductive reasoning. I do not underestimate the value of open-source information. A good mind can make remarkable discoveries using sources that are common-knowledge.

I understand the fundamental differences, in both theory and practice, that separate law enforcement investigation, military intelligence, foreign intelligence, secret intelligence, corporate intelligence and force-protection.

More strategically, I do favor the use of the Threat Curve when establishing intelligence priorities. I do believe 9/11 was as much a statistical outlier as the Falkland’s War. In my opinion, any greater significance attached to these events is of a political nature and as such resides outside the purview of intelligence per se. Strictly speaking, orthodox intelligence does not create policy or make normative statements.

I have yet to encounter the use of the Reaction Curve in the context of intelligence and counter-intelligence operations. In my opinion, the adaptation and application of this principle could be very constructive.

Geopolitical Philosophy: I understand Realpolitik and disavow it as a matter of principle. My allegiance is to the United States of America and her Allies. I believe in serving the Greater Good of Humanity and will not act against what I believe to be God’s purpose.

Marital Status: Single, possibly in love.

Sexuality: Heterosexual and monogamous when in a relationship, otherwise celibate.

Religion: Practicing Roman Catholic.

Race: White European

Ethnicity: French, Spanish, German and British.

Political Orientation: Centrist and progressive. I disavow reactionary, populist and evangelical politics. My support of Social Justice and Social Responsibility is consistent with Catholic doctrine. I have no extremist ideological opinions and I prefer to instead focus on ethical and competent governance when making political decisions. Be that as it may, I’m not leftist. I do, however, find any kind of demagoguery distasteful. I respect the Office of the Presidency.

Vices: Tobacco cigarettes but increasingly substituting e-cigarettes, I occasionally drink fine wines. I will rarely drink a fine spirit and very rarely smoke a very fine cigar.

Work experience: I have always worked for my family. I’ve made difficult command decisions. Through my family I have real estate, construction, legal and financial management experience. I work for my family pro bono.

I currently work for Electronic Recycling and Trading, Inc. in Austin, Texas. Please view our website at My current job description is warehouse crew. I worked with my hands, on the shredder and driving a forklift. On 29/JUL/2010 I dislocated my right kneecap. On 6/SEP/2010 I’m having surgery in Houston to remove loose bone and cartilage from behind my kneecap at best or have my knee reconstructed at worst.

When my employer, Ken Jaross, named his company I did tell him Electronic Recycling and Trading means he trades and recycles electronically when what he really does is recycle and trade electronics.

I’ve worked with Ken since I was a sophomore at UT buying and selling electronic components. In my first deal, I bought some surplus chips from a plant in Kuala Lumpur and sold them at a profit in Hong Kong.

Three years ago I was a Director of Business Development at ERT when I decided to take a hiatus and visit Europe with my mother. I stayed on and lived in Hungary and Italy. The global economy collapsed in the interim so I started again at the bottom with ERT.

I once worked for Ken’s father as well. His name is Richard J. Jaross. He owns ESCO Marine, Inc. Please visit After working with Mr. Jaross, I respectfully disavow some of his previous practices. We are not on speaking terms.

I’ve transacted business with or visited many countries. I’ve resided in the United States, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, India and Cameroon.

I’ve traded three maritime vessels, state-of-the-art surplus such as cryogenic superconducting radio frequency filters and the usual machinery, medical consumables, computer chips, used equipment, scrap and more.

I’ve done business at the level of Cabinet Minister and Head of State down to the most humble, retail business in several countries. In Niger, I was commissioned to build a bottled-water plant at a local source by the Minister of Mines. All bottled water in Niger was imported. The technical selection of the site was done by the UNDP. I’d selected an American bottled-water plant consultant with an impressive portfolio to execute the project and all of the financing was to be cash from local private-sector investors. My superiors neglected this opportunity because they were interested in more immediate profits. As a result, a Canadian firm got the job and I lost face in Niger.

Currently, I’m living in a hotel room and don’t have access to a scanner or any pictures of me I can upload.

Please advise if there’s an alternative. Do you wish to see what I look like? I enjoy Starbuck’s coffee. There’s one close to your office. It would be my pleasure to treat you or any colleague.

My concern is the following: I don’t like the idea of my family or me being extensively probed for, ostensibly, security reasons. I have a phobia against authoritarianism. Members of my family have been interrogated and I have been interrogated. Hence, I have a psychological aversion to scrutiny.

I respectfully wish to make sure about STRATFOR which is why I wanted to meet Dr. Friedman in person. I have no problem working with a firm that deals in security. I don’t have a problem working with a seemingly mercenary firm that is highly professional and principled. However, I have no desire to associate with anybody for whom the adjective “mercenary” applies. Please take no offense. I’m simply openly expressing my belief in mutual due diligence.

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