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English Literature Syllabus

Fall 2011
Projects Matrix

Directions: Choose from the below projects.


5 pts


5 pts

Events Timeline

5 pts


5 pts

Book Jacket

5 pts

Rosencrantz and Gildenstern

10 pts

Found Collage Poem

10 pts

The Woody Allen

10 pts

Time Machine

10 pts


5 pts

Life Graph

5 pts

Second Chance

5 pts

Sing Me a Song

10 pts

Executive Summary

5 pts

Call for Censorship (Then and Now)

10 pts

Newspaper Connection

10 pts

Open Mind

5 pts

Visual Novel

10 pts

That was Then, This Was Now

5 pts

Character Wheels

5 pts

Total Points Available: 15

Total Points Needed: One 10 pts and one 5 pts OR three 5pts

Anything less than 15 points gets partial credit

Projects Matrix Options

Billboard (5 points) As in the movies, take what seems the most compelling image(s) and create an advertisement for the novel Black Like Me on a 22” by 28” poster board (see example).

Collage (5 points) – Create a collage on a 22” by 28” poster board about themes related to the novel Black Like Me. You can use materials such as scraps of paper and other flat materials like newspaper and magazine clippings, shopping bags, photographs (or photocopies of photographs), wallpaper, and foil as well as objects (i.e. beads, string, fabric), and images and text. You could paint, draw, stamp, or stencil in between. Keep in mind that every aspect of the collage must be related to the book.

Events Timeline (5 points) Create a timeline on a 22” by 28” poster board that includes both the events in the novel Black Like Me and historical information of the time and John Howard Griffin. Include pictures or photographs.

  1. Draw! (5 points) Translate the book’s chapters into storyboards and cartoons. Draw the most important scene in the chapter and explain its importance and action beneath the drawing.

Book Jacket (5 points) Design a book jacket for the novel Black Like Me that would be no larger than a sheet of plain white paper, but done on cardstock paper. Your jacket should include illustrations of 3-5 elements from the novel. You must include two characters, an important event, and a major theme.

Rosencrantz and Gildenstern (10 points) Rosencrantz and Gildenstern were two insignificant characters in one of Shakespeare’s plays. Write a story or journal of no less than 2 pages from the perspective of characters with no real roles in the novel Black Like Me and show what they see and think from their perspective about the major themes of the novel.

Found Collage Poem (10 points) A Found Poem is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other sources and reframing them as poetry by making changes in spacing and/or lines (and consequently meaning), or by altering the text by additions and/or deletions. For this project, you will cut words, phrase, and even whole passages from magazines, newspapers, catalogs, an even the book, and will construct them to form a poem related to the themes of the novel Black Like Me. The cutouts of words, phrases, and/or whole passages should be glued onto stock paper of any size (depending on the length of the poem and size of the cutouts).

The Woody Allen (10 points) in Take the Money, Allen interviews the parents of a man who became a bank robber. Write an imaginary interview of no less than 2 pages with friends and family of a character whom they try to help readers understand.

  1. Time Machine (10 points) Instead of traveling into the novel Black Like Me, write a scene or story of no less than 2 pages in which the main character(s) travel out of the book into today’s society. What would he/she experience? Will it be different from the norms of his/her own times? How would he engage with the people of today’s society?

Diorama (5 points) A diorama is a model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures (see example). Create a diorama of a particularly important scene in the novel Black Like Me such as when Griffin is the first bus station scene with the rude ticket seller.
Life Graph (5 points) In the novel Black Like Me, plot the events in Griffin’s life during the novel and evaluate their importance in a short paragraph underneath each event on a 22” by 28” poster board (see example). You may use the Read Write Think website: http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/graphicmap/

Second Chance (5 points) Write about how it would change the novel Black Like Me if a certain character had made a different decision early in the story (e.g., what if Sterling Williams had revealed Griffin’s transformation to the authorities?)

Sing Me a Song (10 points) Write a song/rap about the story, a character, or an event in the novel Black Like Me.

Executive Summary (5 points) Take a 3x5 index card per chapter in the novel Black Like Me and summarize what happened in the chapter on one side, and on the other side analyze the importance of what happened and the reasons it happened using the entire card.

Call for Censorship (Then and Now) (10 points) In order to better understand all sides to an argument, imagine you are someone in 1963 who feels the novel Black Like Me should not be read and write a 2-page letter to the author in which you argue it should be removed. Then imagine you are someone in 1963 who feels this particular book should indeed be read and write a different 2-page letter to a major newspaper in which you argue that it should not be removed.

Newspaper Connection (10 points) Read current newspapers and magazines to find articles that somehow relate to issues and themes in the novel Black Like Me, and present the information on a 36” by 48” display board by posting the actual article (electronic or hardcopy), and a summary of the article.

Open Mind (5 points) On a 22” by 28” poster board, draw an empty head and inside of it draw any three to five symbols, words, phrases, or images that are bouncing around in the mind of one of the characters in the novel Black Like Me, and follow it up with a thorough explanation and exploration of the symbols, words, phrases, or images.

Visual Novel (10 points) Interactive storytelling is a form of digital story-making in which users create or influence a dramatic storyline through actions using computer programs (such as PowerPoint, Windows Animation), computer software (such as Adobe Creative Suite, Storyboard Pro, Photo Pos Pro [free service]), or online software (such as www.reelclever.com, www.storyboardquick.com). If you are computer proficient, create a multimedia, interactive version of each chapter of the novel Black Like Me.

That Was Then, This Was Then (10 points) After reading the book, create a Before/After list on a 36” by 48” display board to compare the ways in which characters over the course of the novel Black Like Me and towns have changed over the course of time since 1963.

Character Wheel (5 points) On a 22” by 28” poster board, draw a pie divided into four sections and write character summaries (ethics, wise actions and beliefs, motivations, effects on others) for John Howard Griffin, Christophe, Sterling Williams, P.D. East from the novel Black Like Me.

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