East Chicago Building Department Division of Inspections & Permits/Code Enforcement

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East Chicago Building Department

Division of Inspections & Permits/Code Enforcement

4444 Railroad Avenue, East Chicago, IN 46312

(219) 391-8294/Fax: 391-7013



    • Footing Pre-Pour Inspections:

    • All excavations for footings must be inspected prior to pouring footers. This inspection is required for all types of footings and footing methods. Pre-pour and footing inspection may be combined - contractor’s option.

    • Footing Inspection:

    • All footings are to be inspected after footings are poured and before foundation walls are constructed.

    • Foundation Inspection:

    • After the foundation wall is poured or laid and exterior insulation is done and prior to backfilling, an inspection must be made to ascertain proper waterproofing of the foundation and insulation inspection - footing tile, gravel, and drain outlet shall be installed, sump pump or gravity system.

    • A Pre-Pour Inspection:

    • Required on any slab work which will cover or bury any ELECTRICAL RUNS or PLUMBING RUNS. (No backfill prior to inspection.) All floor drains shall connect to sanitary sewer. Sump pumps may be connected to storm sewer, where available. However, sump pumps may not be connected to sanitary sewer.

    • Plumbing - contact water Department for water turn-on, payment/deposit required deposits. Make sure water is on before calling for inspection.

Note: Construction meter will be disconnected upon final plumbing, inspection. Water will remain turned off until Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

    • Electrical - when power is on.

    • Building - when all work is completed, including final grading and drainage swales per site plan, sidewalks are in. House numbers shall be in place according to city ordinance.

    • No certificate of occupancy will be issued unless a final inspection is completed and payment of all re-inspection fees is made (three (3) inspections are included per each stage - any additional inspections will have to be prepaid).


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