Early Middle Ages Notes!!! Name: Period: Section Two: Europe after Rome

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Early Middle Ages Notes!!!

Name: _____________________________________ Period: ______

Section Two: Europe after Rome

  1. After Rome fell, there began a time period between 500 to 1500 AD; this time period is called the _________________ _______.

  2. Another term for this time period is “___________________________”

  3. The religion that will spread all over Europe during this time is ___________________________. It will be spread by ____________________________, who are people sent out by the church to teach people about Christ.

  4. The leader of the Catholic Church in Europe was called the ____________.

  5. A famous missionary who brought Christianity to Ireland was called ______________________________.

  6. Some religious people stayed in one place and taught about Christ. These men were called ________________. They taught, studied and helped the poor in areas where they lived. They lived in communities called __________________________________.

  7. Most followed the rules for living set down by an Italian monk named ________________________, which is where they got their name: the _______________________ Monks.

  8. What were several important things that monks did?

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  1. What is ILLUMINATION?

  2. Dark times were spreading around Europe after Rome fell, which is why Medieval times got the nickname, the “_________ ___________!”

  3. As Christianity was spreading, a new group of people called the ________________, settled in what we call France.

  4. Their ruler, ________________, would build the first big medieval empire!

  5. The most famous ruler of the Franks was a man named ___________________________, who was a brave warrior, spread Christianity all over and was big on education!

  6. But Europe had new threats to worry about. _________________ attacked Spain in the south, ________________ were barbarians who attacked Eastern Europe, and a new group of warriors, called the ______________________, were attacking from the north!

Extra Stuff: The Vikings!!!

  1. The fierce group of warriors that came out of Scandinavia was known as the _______________. They raided and pillaged all over Northern Europe!

  2. The Vikings actually called themselves the ______________________.

  3. In their language, “to go out and fight and pillage” means to “_____ ____ __________________”

  4. The Norse version of democracy was called the ________________________.

  5. ___________________ are long stories or poems that make up Norse history. Within them are _____________ that tell the adventures of heroes, gods and adventurers. Myths!

  6. One of the most famous is a story about a fierce Norse warrior called _____________________, who fights the monster ___________________, and is awarded great riches by King _______________________.

  7. The Norse explored, traded and raided using a type of ship called a ___________________________. The Norse called them ___________________.

  8. These ships had _________________________, or heads that were attached to the front of the boat. They were usually dragons, to fend off sea monsters and to look terrifying!

  9. One famous Norse warrior/explorer, with a very bad temper, was named _________ ____ ________.

  10. He founded the colony of _____________________________. He told people that it had much “green land” to encourage people to move there.

  11. His son, _____________________ ___________________, also explored, and was said to have discovered the land of __________________, which is in modern day __________________________, ______________________.

  12. In __________________________, the Norse fought the Natives Americans there, who they called _________________________. It didn’t go so well for the Norse.

  13. The Norse had some pretty cool mythology and gods!!! Name the four gods we mentioned and what they were known for:





  1. The Universal Tree in Norse mythology is called ________________________________. The gods lived in _____________________, and humans lived in _______________________. When a warrior died, he would go to ________________________, to drink mead with the __________________________, the female warriors who ran the place!

  2. The __________________ were sisters who determined each person’s future and fate.

Section 3: Feudalism and Manor Life

  1. In medieval society, the “top dog” of a country was its _______________. Then came the _______________, or wealthy land-owners!

  2. For their loyalty, kings would give land to the nobles, who were also called ________________.

  3. Lords would then hire professional soldiers to protect their land. These soldiers were called _______________________.

  4. Sometimes nobles would give a knight their own land, called a __________.

  5. A knight who promised to serve a lord is called that lord’s ________________________.

  6. This system of promises between a lord and knight is called ___________________________.

  1. What were the lord’s duties?

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  1. What were the vassal’s duties?

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  1. Feudalism came to England when a French noble called _______________________ the ___________________ invaded it in 1066. He rewarded his knights with land there!

  2. Knights couldn’t farm their land by themselves, so they “rented” out their land to poor workers called ___________, who farmed it in exchange for housing and protection.

  3. The large estate where serfs lived and worked for the lord or knight was called a ____________________. Here, you could find the lord’s mansion and the serfs’ village and fields.

  4. Draw out the social pyramid of FEUDALISM!!!

  1. Describe manor life for a peasant:

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  1. Describe manor life for a lord:

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  1. Some noble women had some power, too! A powerful noblewoman in France who had political power was named __________________ of __________________________.

Section 4: Feudal Society

  1. Why did many people move to the cities during medieval times?

  1. What did knights start wanting instead of land?

  1. Japan and Medieval Europe were a lot alike! In Japan, warriors called ______________________ followed the code of ____________________. In Europe, soldiers called ____________________ lived by a code called ________________________. They were very much the same!

  2. Describe how knights were supposed to act under chivalry:

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  1. Fill in the differences chart between Japan and Europe.



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