Early Humans Hominids

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Early Humans - Hominids

– Hominids, are the family of mankind and his or her relatives

3 million years ago, Lucy’s people lived

Primates and early man appeared

Early human-like hominids could stand upright, apes could not.

Early man’s hands were jointed differently.

Old Stone Age people – “hunters and gatherers”

First hominid to use tools made from stone

The did not plant crops; they gathered fruits, berries , vegetables and nuts

They were taller than Lucy’s people BUT they didn’t know how to make fire

Upright Man – Stone Age People

1 million years ago, early-man walked nearly upright

They began to slowly leave Africa, moved around in search of food (nomadic)

Did know how to make fire.

Advanced tool-making skills.

Cooked , kept warm and socialized around the fire. Maybe, they planned their next attack.

The time of the last Ice Age.


Tall, smart, good hunter and lived in caves.

They were one of the early species of man to die out

Cro-Magnon Man

-lived in the region we now call Europe

They worked together , so they could live a better quality of life for their tribe

They used “high-tech” tools.

They developed new technology to improve their quality of life

They built rafts and canoes, traps, cups, jewelery

The Caves of Lascaux


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