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There will be several classes offered in an early bird time period in the 2015 – 2016 school year. Early bird classes will start at the designated times listed below:
Class Teacher (subject to change) Grade Level Day and times of attendance

Advanced Studies Chemistry Mr. Obrecht Soph-Sr 7:00 M-F

Advanced Wellness** Mr. Johnsen Fr-Sr 6:20-7:45 M, T, Th

** return your permission slip by February 4 , 2015 to Mr. Johnsen

Pre Calculus Mr. Farrell Soph-Sr 7:00 M-F

AP US Government Mr. Harrington Jr/Sr 7:00 M-F

Behind the Wheel Mr. Kline Soph 7:00 M-F

Certified Nursing Assistant HHH Sr. 6:45 M-Th and holidays

Chemistry Mrs. Hirschfelder Soph-Sr 7:00 M-F

Cooperative Education Mr. Stahl Sr 7:00 M-F

Physical Education Mr. Hillman Fr-Sr 7:00 M-F

Workplace Experience TBA Jr/Sr 7:00 M-F

All High School students are eligible to sign up for early bird classes if they did not exceed more than eight days of absence in the previous year. If a student exceeded eight absences because of an unusual situation, please note that on the back of this permission sheet. Students interested in taking early bird classes should try to list two early bird choices. Early Bird placement will be based upon numbers. For instance, if a student lists P.E. and chemistry as class choices, he/she will be placed in the class that needs additional students to meet the minimum attendance requirement.

YOUR ASSIGNED EARLY BIRD CLASSS MAY NOT BE YOUR FIRST CHOICE. Teacher assignments are subject to change based on the master schedule. Freshmen and Sophomores are allowed to request early release 7th period with written parent permission (see back). Please complete the form at the bottom of the 2nd page.
Students must have the permission of parents to sign up for an early bird class. Forms will not be accepted that do not have a parent signature. Students will need to provide their own transportation to early bird classes. Buses will not run routes for early bird students.
This permission slip must be returned to the guidance office on February 4, 2015 in order to be considered for early bird class inclusion. Sign up for early bird will begin at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 4, 2015.
List preferred classes for the early bird time period. List the class for both semesters if you are requesting the early bird class for the entire school year.

1st semester 2nd semester
Class________________________________ _______________________________________

Class________________________________ _______________________________________

My son/daughter has my permission to take the above listed class in an early bird time slot. I understand that the school will not provide transportation to this class, and that any tardies or absences in an early bird class will be considered the same as tardies or absences in any other time period. I have read and support the Early Bird Policy. This is a commitment and my son/daughter is expected to remain in the early bird class.

Parent Signature Student Signature
Days absent in the 14-15 school year.

(completed by office staff) Guidance Dept. Initials



  1. Students must provide their own transportation to early bird classes and are required to be in the class by the starting time. Please be aware that some early bird classes meet outside of the standard five-day week and times. Any student coming in late will be counted as tardy, as in any other class period.

  1. Any freshman, sophomore, junior or senior signing up for early bird who requests a seven-hour day will be released at the end of 6th hour if the schedule allows and they have transportation to leave after 6th hour. If the student needs a single section class that only meets during seventh hour, early release will not be an option. In that case, the student would be committed to an eight-hour school day.

  1. If a student is assigned to an early bird class and is requesting an eight-hour day, the student agrees to make a commitment to that eight-hour day for the duration of that early bird class, whether it is for a semester or a year.

  1. At the teacher’s discretion, if a student misses an early bird class more than three times in a quarter, and has early release, the student may be placed into another section of the class that meets during the regular school day.

  1. A student must have had good attendance in the previous semester to be allowed to sign up for an early bird class.

Parents of Freshman and Sophomores - Regarding early release

We understand the students must provide transportation and will not be allowed to remain in the building during 7th period unless the student is meeting/ leaving with a team for an away game/match, etc. Written permission is required for a freshman or sophomore student to have early release. Please request EB 7th Release ((90311 & 90312) in Skyward if you request early release.

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student name – please print grade next year

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