E-connections for Caregivers January 2012 Vol 6, Issue 1

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E-Connections for Caregivers

January 2012 - Vol 6, Issue 1

In This Issue

Newsletter and Training Calendar

Resource and Referral Trainings

Top of the Town

Car Seat Checks

Mind in the Making

Child Care Consultation Services

Young Children and Media

Family & Children's Services

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Newsletter and Training Calendar


There is a new Connections for Caregivers Newsletter and Training Calendar for January-March 2012.  This is a wonderful resource for child care providers.


Click here for the newsletter January-March 2012


 Click here for the training calendar January-March 2012

Resource and Referral Trainings

The following are the Open County Trainings for next quarter:


Saturday, Jan. 21st - Wagoner County- 3 hour Mini Conference

                                   Fire Safety: Joyce

                                   Communication with Families: Ellie

                                   Environments: Jessica


Tuesday, Feb. 7th - Creek County - Joyce - Fire Safety


Tuesday, Feb. 7th - Rogers County - Ellie - Communication with Families


Thursday, Feb. 16th - Tulsa County(CSC) - Jessica - Environments


Tuesday, March 6th - Creek County- Joyce - Back Safety: Lifting Correctly


Tuesday, March 6th - Rogers County - Ellie - Topic to be Determined


Thursday, March 15th - Tulsa County - Jessica - Interest Centers


If you have questions or want more information on these trainings, call Samantha Wade at 918-831-7221.

Top of the Town

The date for next year's Top of the Town has been set.  It will be Thursday, June 14, 2012.  The event will run from 6:00pm-10:00pm with the VIP area open from 5:00-10:00.  Tickets prices are $35 each until June 1st.  Then from June 1-13, tickets will cost $40 each and $50 on June 14th.  VIP tickets will be available for purchase this year at $125 each.   tot2012 stacked logo


Tickets are now on sale!  They are limited so remember to buy your tickets early so you can experience this spectacular event. 


Click here to purchase tickets now


We are looking for sponsors for the 2012 Top of the Town.  You can support CCRC as we build a brighter future for our children as well as boost downtown Tulsa!  There are many levels of sponsorship that you can consider with many benefits to you or your business. Thanks so much to George Krumme, a Balcony sponsor as well as Mezzanine sponsor, Osage Casinos!  You help make our event a success!


Click here to see the sponsorship levels


Click here for the sponsorship letter


Click here to sponsor online

Car Seat Checks for Winter

Safe Kids is sponsoring Winter Car Seat Checks for the Tulsa area. From January-March 2012, there are different locations around town where you can go to get your car seat correctly installed.  Protect your children by getting help installing the seat.  This is a great resource for new parents as well as those changing to a new car seat as your child grows and...It's free!

car seat

Click here for a list of dates, times, and locations of the winter car seat checks

Mind in the Making

Tulsa will be piloting and implementing the newly developed Seven Essential Skills Training Modules which are a part of Mind in the Making. Come to a one hour information session to learn more on Thursday, January 12th at either 12pm or 6pm.  Both are held at Community Service Council, 1604 S. Baltimore.  Please RSVP: 918-699-4295 or smwongozi@csctulsa.org. linkages logo


Click here for more information on the training modules


Click here for more information on the initial trainings

Child Care Consultation Services through the Child Care Warmline

Did you know child care consultation services are available through Family & Children's Services and the Tulsa Health Department for our local area? Call the Child Care Warmline at 1-888-574-5437. Child care consultation services can provide classroom assistance to model guidance techniques with behaviorally challenging children, support with applying trainings on behavior and guidance models into daily practice, help in locating materials for use in the classroom and with families, assistance with parent meetings and help linking families to outside services when needed, and much more.

Click here for the health department's description of Warmline

Young Children and Media

Young Children and Media

Common Sense Media released a report, Zero to Eight: Children's Media Use in America. Here's what they found:


Even very young children are frequent digital media users:Of all children who have used a computer, the average age at first use was just 3 ½ years old.


There is a digital divide, including both computers and mobile devices:A new "app gap" has developed among young children. Among lower-income children, 27% have a parent with a smartphone, compared to 57% for higher-income children.


Children under two spend twice as much time watching TV and videos as they do reading books:In a typical day, 47% of babies and toddlers under age one watch TV or DVDs, spending an average of nearly two hours per day doing so.


TV continues to dominate children's media use:Children under eight spend an average of nearly two hours watching TV or videos in a typical day. They spend, on average, about 30 minutes each reading, listening to music, and playing computer or video games.


Broadcast television is the most accessible and widely used platform for educational content among lower-income children: Educational TV is the one type of educational content that lower-income children are more likely to consume than higher-income children.


Media use varies significantly by race and socio-economic status, but not much by gender:  The only substantial difference between boys' and girls' media use is in video games. Boys are more likely to have ever played a console video game than girls. Boys average 16 minutes per day playing games, compared to an average of four minutes a day for girls.


Even some young children are media multi-taskers: 16% of children under eight use more than one media "most" or "some" of the time.


Click here to view the full report

Family & Children's Services

 fcs logo

Family & Children's Services are available for families in our service area.

Family and Children's services offers a variety of evidence-based, high-quality services such as treatment for family sexual abuse, trauma, and family counseling. The therapists are also trained in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), which is a specialized treatment for children and parents to help improve young children's behavior and create positive parent-child relationships. The specially trained professionals are also skilled in providing Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) to help overcome difficulties that are related to a traumatic life event, as well as Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), an infant mental health program for very young children who have experienced trauma.  


Save the Date for IITC

The date has been set for the next International Infant and Toddler Conference.  Mark your calendars for April 11-13, 2013.  Wonderful presenters are being scheduled to enhance your knowledge on various infant and toddler topics.  The keynote speaker will be Alison Gopnik. See you then!http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs041/1100608767275/img/284.jpg


Thank you for your continued interest in the Child Care Resource Center.



Karen Smith
Child Care Resource Center


Child Care Resource Center | 16 E. 16th St. | Suite 202 | Tulsa | OK | 74119

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