Draft peer review Is the Heading correct? Is it single-spaced?

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Anglo-Saxon Essay

1st draft peer review

  1. Is the Heading correct? Is it single-spaced?

Heading should include name, date, class, and type of writing (this one is a literary analysis, draft 1)

  1. Does the essay have an interesting title of five words or less centered?

  2. Does the essay have a creative introduction? In this part of the essay, the writer should identify thesis, underlined, and the title of the work(s)—in quotes or italicized correctly.

  3. Did the writer include text references by citing line numbers in parentheses?

  4. Can you identify what topic the writer is answering? Did he or she answer it well—with thoughtful support and well-developed insight?

  5. Please check for grammar issues and identify any problems.

Grade sheet:

_____ Thesis (5 pts—is it clear, relevant, thoughtful, underlined?)

_____Support (10 pts—is it clearly cited, strong support that fully develops thesis?)

_____Citations (5 pts—did the writer properly reference lines when quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing? If additional sources were used, were they cited correctly as well?)

_____Topic/Analysis (10 pts—did the writer analyze or summarize? Is this reflective of college-level work or is it a book report?)

_____/ Score out of 30

_____ (-1 for every two grammatical errors)

_____ (-2 for paragraphs that lack smooth transitions; your writing should not sound like a list!)

_____ (-5 if the essay fails to meet the length requirements)

_____ (-3 if the essay fails to meet format requirements)

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