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All answers should be recorded on the answer sheet I have provided
Contributions of Ancient Greece WebQuest- Part 2
The Ancient Greek Olympic Games

Please go to Discovery United Streaming.  In Google, you may type in Discovery United Streaming or United Streaming.  The web address is

Once there, please use the following to log in.

username: cb148s   password: student


On the search bar, type "The Evolution of the Ancient Olympic Games."  The segment is 4:20 long.


A) Where were the ancient Greek Olympic games held?

B) Besides the athletes, name at least three other groups of people who attended the ancient games.

C) The games were dedicated to which specific Greek god/goddess?

D) What marked the beginning of the games?

E) How long did the games last?

Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

Please go the website:


A) What did Socrates begin to do when he reached his forties?

B) Did everyone like what he was doing?  Give and example to explain your answer.

C) Who was one of Socrates' first students?

D) Socrates was charged with two things.  What were they?

E) How was Socrates executed?

F) How did the answer to question C help us understand the teachings of Socrates?


Go to the website: or click on Plato on the address bar of the Socrates page.


**Just read the first paragraph of this page.

A) True or False.  Plato thought people were generally very intelligent.

B) What was the name of Plato's most famous work and what was the topic of this work?


Go to the website: or click on Aristotle on the address bar of the Plato page.


A) What made Aristotle different from Socates and Plato?

B) Who was Aristotle's teacher?

C) Aristotle was the tutor of a very famous person.  Who was this person?

D) Aristotle opened his own academy.  What was it called?

E) He was more interested in ___________________ than the other philosophers and is considered the father of the ___________________  __________________.




Please stay logged into Discovery United Streaming.

On the search bar, type in Pythagoras.  Select one of the segments that is 4:22 long and play it.  They are the same. 


A) Pythagoras believed that everything nature can be explained by ____________________.

B) What mathematical concept developed by the Pythagoreans is explained at 1:20 of the video?

C) Fast forward to 2:45 of the video and briefly explain the greatest mathematical achievement of Pythagoras.

D) Pythagoras is given credit for proving his theorem, but what group of people understood it 1,000 years before?


*After you answer question D, you can close this video.

Other Important Contributions of the ancient Greeks
In class and during this webquest, you have learned about the many ways the ancient Greeks have contributed to our world today.  In addition to those you have learned about, the Greeks have also given the world:


-The theater styles of comedy (funny, make fun of real-life) and tragedy (human suffering).

-Literary classics of the Illiad and Odyssey by Homer, plus others.

-Fables (fictional stories that teach moral lessons) and poetry.


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