Documentary Reflections

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Documentary Reflections

Throughout the semester, we will watch documentaries that raise issues of communication ethics. There is a required journal entry for each of these documentaries. Below is a list of the documentaries and key questions or issues you are to discuss in your journal entry. You may include addition observations and reflections about communication ethics in individual documentaries.

"Weapons of the Spirit"

  • Identify and briefly discuss what you see as the key factor(s) that facilitated the community of Le Chambon to protect the Jews during WWII.

  • What could be done in your hometown or the community where you currently live to promote this/these factor(s)? What could you do to promote it/them?

"Healing the Wounds"

  • Describe the primary media you have watched/used while growing up.

  • Using one (1) of the ethical values of communication, reflect on how media and the messages you received in these media formats may have influenced your understanding of this ethical value of communication.


  • Identify an issue or problem that currently exists in your personal/social life or the broader community. Reflect on what would be an act(s) of moral courage in addressing this issue/problem.

  • What factors would you need to consider to test your ethical reasoning for rationalizations about this act of moral courage?

"Threads of Hope"

  • Identify an issue/ problem about which you see people experiencing despair or cynicism.

  • Brainstorm possible acts or practices of hope (in contrast to optimism), regarding this issue/problem. Discuss how you could implement at least one of them.

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