Do they have the same plot, or are they actually different?

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THE OBJECTIVE – to analyze the plot development of two different stories that are written about the same historical event and use this analysis to write a compare OR contrast essay.
Both Schindler’s List and Night tell the story of the Holocaust. The question for you to consider is this:
Do they have the same plot, or are they actually different?
Your instincts should guide you through this paper. That is, you will either be comparing the two plots or contrasting them. YOU CHOOSE.
The writing process is critical. Especially when you are asked to think on a deeper level. We suggest you follow the steps as outlined below:

  1. complete the brainstorm/graphic organizer –both contrasting and comparing the two stories

  2. use your graphic organizer to determine whether you believe these two stories have stronger comparisons or stronger contrasting elements.

  3. Once you have narrowed your essay to either a compare or contrast essay, choose 3 of the 5 elements to incorporate into your essay.

  4. ROUGH DRAFT - Remember to begin writing with an opening paragraph, use the elements to form 3 solid paragraphs and end with a closing paragraph. Yes, that means this must be at least 5, SOLID paragraphs!


  6. EDIT


  8. Use our model as an example!

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