District of Columbia Phelps ace high School Lesson Plan Outline Lesson Length = 88 minutes Qi Ji

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District of Columbia Phelps ACE High School Lesson Plan Outline Lesson Length = 88 minutes

Qi Ji

Course: Chinese Culture Date(s): 12th, Apr

Lesson Topic

Chinese ancient dynasties



By the end of today’s lesson, students will be able to … (SWBAT)…

  • Get some general ideas on Chinese ancient dynasties in chronological order as Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing. And make a timeline in any creative format.

  • Analyze the development of a specific dynasty in China.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of a specific dynasty and present the cultural achievements during that dynasty

  • Explore the answers to some essential questions about Chinese dynasties:

  • Notice the progresses and disadvantages of each dynasty

Warm Up Activity
(5-10 min or more)

Show the students a video clip about the evolution of the maps in different dynasties of China, and a timeline of Chinese dynasties labelled on a Chinese dragon, to give the students the ideas of the development of Chinese ancient dynasties.

Course Activities

1. Teacher

2. Group Activity

3. Individual Activity

1. Draw a time line of Dynasties in Chinese history. The time line could be in any format, either a table, or a chart or what else. The can try to finish the time line creatively, like on a picuture of a football field, a track field or the Monument.

2. Give the students 2 sheets of essential questions, one is about general dynasties and the other is about some specific dynasties. The students need to get to the computer to search all the answers to the questions

Sheet 1:

1)What are the inventions and contributions contributed from Ancient China?

2)Choose 3 of the dynasties, talk about the details of what happened in that dynasty and what was happening elsewhere in the world at that time.

3)Explain when and how the Great Wall was gradually built and completed.

4)What kind of "message" was Confucius trying to send?

5)Describe travel conditions along the Silk Road.

6)Which of the Chinese inventions do you think were the most important?

Sheet 2:

1) What are the dates when the dynasty ruled?

2) What parts of China did they control?

3) What dynasty came before them & how did they take over?

4) Did the dynasty have any famous figures or rulers? What made them special?

5) How did the dynasty fall & who replaced them?

6) Significant contribution #1:

7) Significant Contribution #2:

8) Significant Contribution #3:

9) Any other interesting things or events regarding the dynasty?
3. Using a virtual musical instruments software, the students learn how to sing the Dynasty Song while playing different musical instruments. They make up a class band and have their own band names, they have different tasks as they need to play the music in the piano as the main melody, the guitar as the chord, the bass and the drum. This "dynasties song," sung to the tune of "Frère Jacques," can help students remember the major Chinese dynasties in chronological order.

How will you know students met the objectives?

The students should be able to finish the time line of Chinese dynasties creatively in groups, get a lot of specific information during the procession of search the answers to the essestial questions on both of the sheets, play the different roles in a class band and show good cooperation with each other, and momorise the important Chinsese dynasties in chronological order through the lyric of the song.

Homework Assignment

Suppose you are the first emperor of a certain dynasty in Chinese history, write an essay about what happened and how you made effort to found this dynasty and the things you experience in your life.

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