Discussion questions for "Battle of Algiers" Gillo Pontecorvo director

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Discussion questions for “Battle of Algiers”
Gillo Pontecorvo – director

Characters FLN- Ali La Pointe, Lhedi Djafar, Ben M’Hidi

French - Philippe Mathieu

  1. In the beginning we see the FLN talking about dialogue and negotiation. At the same time, we see it taking steps to strengthen itself among the community and become the dominant party of resistance. What are some of these steps the FLN takes?

  1. What strategies does the FLN use to wage its campaign? How do these change over time? Who is involved in the fight? If we were to think of this in terms of escalating ACTS OF RESISTANCE on the FLN’s side, and ACTS OF RESPONSE on the French side, what would we describe?

  1. What FUNCTION do these sorts of tactics seem to have? What impacts do they have? Do these impacts include the furthering of FLN goals?

  1. Does it seem to you that nonviolent direct action tactics might have worked in this case? What might Gene Sharp say? What about Fanon?

  1. What is the function of everyday people (the community) in this battle? How is “the community” perceived by both sides?

5. Are there good guys and bad guys in this movie? What thoughts or lessons might we take away from the film regarding wars of liberation, colonial endeavors, etc.?

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