Discussion Question Answers: Chapter 4 – Assisted Living

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Discussion Question Answers: Chapter 4 – Assisted Living
1. What is assisted living, and how does it differ from nursing facility care?

  • A long-term care alternative for seniors who need more assistance than is available in a retirement community, but who do not require the heavy medical and nursing care provided in a nursing facility

  • Less nursing care than a nursing facility

  • Residents need help with fewer ADLs

  • More living options (rooms, suites, apartments)

  • Ala carte services

2. Who provides assisted living?

3. What services are usually included in assisted living?

4. How is assisted living financed?

5. What regulations apply to assisted living?

6. What are some of the ethical and legal issues affecting assisted living?

  • Autonomy and decision making

  • Aging in lace

7. What trends are likely to affect assisted living in the future?

  • Movement toward agreement about what assisted living is

  • Increased regulation

  • Growth in coverage by managed care and government

  • Integration with other providers

8. In reference to the case at the end of this chapter, consider the following:

a. What different needs do Maria and Jose have that are being met by the assisted living facility?

b. If the assisted living services were not available, what would Maria and Jose’s situation likely be at this time? In the near future?

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