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School of Humanities



Course Title

Bachelor of Arts (Omnibus), CONNECT BAs

Module Co-ordinator

Dr. Enrico Dal Lago

Module Title

HI 484: Slavery & Emancipation in the American South

Lecture times

Semester 1

Teaching Format

12 x 2 hr. Seminar Classes

Brief outline of content

This course aims to provide students with the necessary background they need in order to be able to select, use, and interpret the vast range of primary sources related to American slavery and place it in the context of current historiographical debates. Through this course, students will familiarize both with crucial documents and with the names and works of the most important historians who have worked and work in the field of American slavery. Major topics covered in the course include: Colonial Slavery, Slavery and the American Revolution, the Planters’ Worldview, the Plantation Mistress, Slave Culture and Slave Resistance, Antislavery Politics, and the Civil War and Emancipation.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, students should be able to:

  • Communicate an historical argument orally

Assessment Types and Deadlines

Class Attendance and Participation, Oral Presentations, Exercises, and a Long Essay

Required Text

Textbook: Rick Halpern and Enrico Dal Lago, eds., Slavery and Emancipation [Blackwell Readers in American Social and Cultural History 11] (Oxford: Blackwell, 2002).

Additional Readings:

Peter Kolchin, American Slavery, 1619-1877 (2003).

Ira Berlin, Generations of Captivity: A History of African American Slaves (2003)

Mark M. Smith, Debating Slavery: Economy and Society in the Antebellum South (1998)

David Brion Davis, Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World (2006).

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